Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Know, I Can't Believe it Either...I've Updated!!!!

as salamu alaykum!!!

O My Allah, the Most High. I still can't believe I'm typing out a post for my blog that I thought was 'so over'. hmm I wonder if it will even be read. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to try, plus I've been blogging posts in head to type out and actually post but never get to it for several reasons..the biggest being that I'm the queen of procrastination and the smallest being that I have the most wonderful little baby girl ever!!!! MashaAllah, Alhamdulillah. Oh I know, everyone thinks their baby is the most cutest, wonderful, and all that good stuff..but mine really it. Ok Ok, I'll stop with 'my baby is the best' thing (I was just joking...not being arrogant and crazy mommy at all), all babies are just the cutest little things ever mashaAllah, SubhanAllah!!!

I must admit though, having this girl in my life has really changed things, and I'm loving it. We're loving it I should say. My husband and I are madly in love with our baby mashaAllah and Alhamdulillah...can't say it enough. Seriously, I just think about a year ago she was baking inside of me and here she is, 6 months old now! She's getting a personality and all. We can't thank Allah (swt) enough..just can't. She's become apart of us and is so full of life and joy it's mind blowing.

So it wasn't as bad as many, many people make it to be. Being a new mom and all. Yeah, I know it'll get harder when I have more then one kid..but that'll be then and InshaAllah I'll have the strength and courage to do it all and try being the best Muslimah, wife, mother, daughter, sister and human being as I can be. I don't know if it's just me or that people like to scare others when they get married about how married life sucks, getting pregnant sucks and having kids is the worst possible thing that can happen to someone. They just make it all seem so horrible. If there's one thing I know it's the fact that life isn't easy and will never be perfect. We just have to learn and work hard to get through the tests and trials of life by the way of Islam. That's it. That's the secret to being truly happy with whatever we've got and have coming. If a husband and wife BOTH work at making their marriage full of happiness, love, joy and all that is good then that's what it'll be... Do the marriage the right way, base it on halal, sunnah and pleasing Allah and we can have it all inshallah.. Success in both worlds. How? Well, having a good marriage leads to a couple helping each other coming closer to Allah. Then that will lead to having barakah and true happiness in the marriage. Which then leads to good upbringing of children and inshaAllah these children will grow up to be pious and will grow up to be sadaqatul Jariyah and will always make du'a for their parents even after they've passed away, InshaAllah.

All I'm saying is marriage isn't bad as people make it to be, it can be your jannah on earth. Being pregnant (having a normal pregnancy) isn't that terrible at all, and having children is more then just a blessing. Just ask those who can't have. I'm not saying it can be perfect or all lovey-dovey, there are always, always going to be ups and downs but follow the sunnah, do it for Allah (both husband and wife) and there will be far more ups then downs even in the worst possible times inshaAllah.

Maybe I should continue that marriage series again huh? Well, I guess I can try and see where that goes. My little princess hasn't starting crawling yet (this is where all the moms roll their eyes at me and say, "oh you haven't seen it yet then" lol ) Life is life.

SubhanAllah wa Alhamdulillah wa la ilaha illallah wa Allahuakbar, wa la hawla wa la quwata illa billahil a'liyiladheem!

Glory be to Allah, all Praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, Allah is the Greatest and there is no power or might except from Allah, the Most High the Great.

It's all for the hereafter, it'll all be more then perfect then inshaAllah and we'll have it all inshaAllah. May Allah grant us success in both worlds, fill our lives with baraka, iman, taqwa, love and all that is good and pleasing to Him.