Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost Half Way!!!

Unfortunately not it Regina yet...the buds on the trees are just starting to show

Well right now I'm 19 weeks Alhamdulillah! I'll be 20 weeks next week inshaAllah, so until then
PLEASE, PLEASE remember us in your du'as!! My next post will be then since it's the middle point (approx) of my pregnancy and it just makes more sense to do a nice long post then inshaAllah.

But please remember us in your du'as as much as you can!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time Sure Flies!

Wow SubhanAllah I feel like the last post I did wasn't so long ago and I was only 14 weeks then, now I'm 17! Time is really flying now... I remember in the earlier stages I was hoping for the weeks to go faster and now it seems like it is. I know that always happens to me around April every year, time seems to move so fast for some reason. Next thing you know it'll be June (and it'll be warmer)!

I've been reading up about the progress, went for a check-up a while ago & everything seems to be going well ALHAMDULILLAH. Just waiting for the next appointment so I can hear the baby's heartbeat again, it's such an amazing feeling that no words can describe it other then I guess, subhanaAllah. I always get a sense of relief and comfort hearing it and even more so when the doctor smiles and tells me the baby's doing great alhamdulillah. That just reminds me how much I love my doc- she's just awesome mashaAllah! May Allah (swt) reward her and bless her and her family with great success in both worlds!

I thought I would call her up everyday and bug her about every little thing that goes on, but alhamdulillah for the internet! Soon as I start feeling/experiencing something different I get the weekly progress of the baby in my inbox telling me it's a normal symptom. Then sometimes even before something new starts happening, I get an email telling me about it. Like, for this week I "might start snoring" which should be interesting if I do but I'm hoping I don't! These sites are so helpful and full of so much information for new mothers like me who would otherwise panic about everything. It's also great for fathers because some sites have special weekly info for dads only, and I know my husband likes it.

Other then that, we're just waiting for some signs of spring here in Regina. Well, at least the snow's 98% gone...unless tonight's 'flurries' decide to stick to the ground which would be very depressing indeed. Can't wait till the weather gets better and things start looking green and bright again...inshaAllah it's soon :)