Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pieces from "Only Fools & Fools (Beautiful Stories about Fools)" by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

The following stories are taken from one of my favourite books, "Only Fools & Fools (Beautiful Stories about Fools)" by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

It's a brief summary of the work "Akhbarul Hamqa Wal MogFleen" written by Ibn-ul Jawzi Hafiz Jamal ud-Din Abdul-Rahman.


A storyteller informed the people, “Oh people, the Satan doesn’t eat the food and drink on which you have recited the name of Allah. So when you eat do not recite Bismillah, that way Satan will eat with you. Instead you should recite Bismillah when you drink water.” He assumed the failure of the Satan to share water with the person who recites Bismillah will cause the Satan to die of thirst.


A Bedouin in his prayer was saying “Oh Allah forgive only me”. Someone asked, why don’t you pray, “Oh Allah forgive us all?” He replied, "I do not want to burden my Lord too much.”

Page 17

A Bedouin called Mujrim (criminal/sinner) came and stood in the first saaf behind the Imam who was reciting Surah Mursalaat in salah. When the Imam recited the verse, “Did we not destroy the first” the Bedouin went into the last saaf. The Imaam then recited, “Then we shall destroy the later ones.” The Bedouin then moves on and joined the middle saaf. Finally, the Imam recited, “This is how We deal with the mujrims (sinners/criminal)”. The Bedouin left the salaat thinking the Imam was after him.

Page 14

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pics from Sunday's Trip at the Farm

That's Snuffles but my mum calls him another name which I might mention some other time.
This dog is super hyper, he's only 2 months old, a blood hound and he loves barking and jumping up and down when anyone comes near him. He's supposedly the guard dog.

Did I mention I have fear, a phobia of dogs?
I got chased by 3 dogs, well 4 including a chew wawa (if that's how it's spelt).
I think someone fed this dog's mum too much caffeine or weed maybe while she was pregnant.

Here are the spoiled sheep.

I cornered this one just to get a pic, then soon as I moved the phone away from it, it ran like hell.

My mum's chickens, they were all over the net while my dad cleaned the old barn.

Mary-Moo Cow, a new member to the farm. This one is the only one who gives milk. Don't worry my dad has a certificate (Alhamdulillah). So my dad's friend was over and he decided to milk the cow...

Preparing to milk the cow and also make tea.

Just joking we didn't make tea with it, but the brave men did drink it fresh.

Well there he goes. Then the ladies took over and even I tried...it's not that bad really.

Here are the two goats that made me laugh when I saw what they were up too.
See that white container on the right? Well that's full of corn, and they LOVE corn.

Then the little one joins in too.

My little sister tried to sit on her and ride her since she really, really and I mean really wanted to ride her. Well all seemed to be okay until my uncle let go of the rope. My sister screamed, the horse ran and she fell. Alhamdulillah she's okay, she just won't be dreaming of horses for a while now.

Our new puppy. She's a sheep dog who's terribly shy. And I touched her, yes I did. I actually adore her. She is so quiet that no one (in my family) has heard her bark yet.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Beautiful Death

Prostrating in the dark, in front of her Lord, she praises Him with words so pure. Tears streak down like pearls on silk, she cries to her Lord for forgiveness. Merciful and Forgiving He is, but she still fears His disappointment, anger and wrath.

Her pearly tears roll down her cheeks as they cleanse her soul. With her forehead on the ground, and her breathing calm, she absorbs the humility that perfumes her soul. The Divine words that pour out of her lips and heart illumine her body and mind.

As she gets up and goes into her second prostration, the darkness is no more, but only light. The Earth, the Divine Book, and every cell in her body testify to be her witness as she is in her last prostration. Her heart yearns to see her Lord and His Beloved as it pumps the last few pumps. Then with her breathing still calm, she smiles and testifies as her heart takes the last permission from its Creator, to beat one last time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Strange...But True

Failing Grade

What are they teaching kids in schools these days?

In the U.S., apparently not geography.

A poll conducted in the States for National Geographic found that six out of ten Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can’t find Iraq on a map.

And if that isn’t bad enough, they also can’t identify their own states. Nearly one-third of respondents couldn’t locate Louisiana, and nearly half couldn’t identify Mississippi.

Hey, considering the President has problems pronouncing the world 'nuclear', maybe those results aren't half bad.

Taken from here.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Amira, The Horse

Okay, she's a horse, not a pony. Soon as I saw her I new she couldn't be a pony. Well maybe one of her grandparents was a pony or perhaps she's just a smaller horse.

So that's it for this post, I have nothing else to say because sadly my life is uneventful and no one really reads this blog which makes it even more sad.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our New Pony

Yes we did have a pony before, but my dad sold it because that one had an attitude problem. He was kind of grumpy and he hated the sheep. Oh and it almost kicked my youngest sister to what could possibly been her grave.

Yeah so, this new pony is a female, very shy and pregnant that means we can't ride her. She's expecting in October, I was told and I cannot imagine what my parents will do then.

My mum named her Princess and so we call her Amira. InshaAllah this Sunday I'll finally get to see her. I'm not excited at all, it's just a pony, but knowing that's she's pregnant makes me want to see her. Ah maybe it's a "female" thing. Now if my dad bought a horse, I'd be super excited and InshaAllah he will get one or two this summer, along with a donkey (donkeys supposedly keep the sheep safe from other wild animals).

Anyways, this post is out of no where so that makes it a random post and therefore it qualifies for being on this blog, which no one hardly reads (so all is good).

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on this blog that my parents have a farm, well now you all know. My parents own a slaughterhouse (no they don’t slaughter the ponies, donkeys, horses, cats and the 2 month-old guard dog)

The link is somewhere on the links section of my blog. It’s Sanabil Halal Meat Farm.