Friday, March 31, 2006

Jummah Mubarak

Beloved Nabi

Talib al-Habib

Salla Allahu `ala Ta Ha Allahuma salli `ala nabiyyina habibina

Beloved Nabi, my heart yearns to see
The laughter that dances in your eyes.
Heavy lay the burden of my grief
Until you came and gave me strength again
Beloved Nabi

Silently, the thought of you appears
Your love is like the touch of spring to me
And joyfully, my blossom-soul awakes
To remembrance that brings tranquillity
Beloved Nabi

Cord of moonlight, sunlight entwined
Cord of love, our lovesbond eternal.
Fire of yearning, light of hope
Cord of faith that binds me to you.

Light of my eyes, fragrance of my soul
I send my love on angel wings to you
Hear its cry, borne upon the wind
Calling you to lead me through the night
Beloved Nabi

So fear not, my heart, at times when you feel
Sorrowful and lonely in the cold
Soothe your pain, for through his love you’ll find
The solace and the comfort that you seek
Beloved Nabi.

Oh Allah! Send your blessings upon
Our Master Muhammad, our guide, our beloved
In every heartbeat, in every breath and sigh
Every teardrop shed
By those who yearn for the light of his beauty
Who pass days and nights seeking his company
From creation’s dawn, every moment, every hour
Until the rising of the Last Day will come

Beloved Nabi, how long will it be
Until I see the sunrise in your eyes?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gift of Life

Gift of Life
sung by Talib al-Habib

(My favourite nasheed artist. Why? It's probably because his nasheeds increase my love for Allah (swt) and His Rasul (s.a.w) everytime I listen to them. May Allah (swt) make him amongst those who will drink the water of Kawthr by the mubarak hands of Sayyidinah Rasulullah (s.a.w). Ameen)

Track info

A song originally written by Nazima Cassim, it was transformed into a song in honour of one's teacher - in generic terms referring to anyone from whom one takes knowledge of God and His religion, but specifically the realised spiritual teacher who guides one along the path to Allah. The 'gift of life' refers to the awakening and deepening of faith, understanding, spiritual certainty and love that occurs in the transformative presence of one of the enlightened inheritors of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him and his family). It was written in tacit acknowledgement of the fact that traditional Islam has been transmitted not by books, but by teachers in every generation who have learnt, mastered and adopted the wisdom before passing it on to others. It is dedicated specifically to Talib and Nazima's shaykh, Hazrat Ghulam Muhyi ad-Din Kazi al-Habibi.

Gift of Life

Allahuma ’rzuqna murafaqat al-auliya Wa’j`al lana waliyyan murshida

I’m calling out your name
Oh hear me, guiding friend

Life was so deluding
In darkness I was drowning
There came a light so bright
Illuminated life.

Since first I saw your beauty
Your serenity and mercy
My heart has overflowed
With thanks to Allah

For all the love you gave me
And the wisdom that you taught me
And the kindness in your eyes
Gift of life

Allahuma’r’zuqna murafaqat al-auliya Wa’j`al lana waliyyan murshida
You gave me the gift of life
The yearning for paradise
The secret of how to love Allah

My heart in deepest wonder
Unfolds a mystery

The secret of existence
A life of love and giving
To strive and sacrifice
To guide the lost to light

Like the moonlight on the water
Like the sun of the mid-morning
Like the star-strewn field of heaven
You shine and guide

Like a mirror-glass, reflecting
In your soul shines the perfection
Of the chosen and beloved

Allahuma’rzuq-na murafaqat al-auliya Wa’j`al lana waliyyan murshida Waffiq-na wa’hdina tariqat al-muqaddasa Tahdi ila jannatin wa rida’ik.

You gave me the gift of life
The yearning for paradise
The secret of how to love Allah
And my heart soars in gratitude
And prayer that Allah give to you
The shelter of his mercy and his peace.

Gift of Life.


Nur al-Habib Productions

Monday, March 13, 2006

Strange... But True

Potty Mouth Punishment

Long gone are the days of making a foul-mouthed child hold a bar of soap in their mouth as punishment.

Sixteen-year-old Jamal Wooten of Portage, Indiana was suspended from school for his filthy language, but his parents didn’t think that was harsh enough so they made him stand on a street corner wearing a sign to tell the world about his potty mouth.

People who saw the teen offered him words of encouragement and passing police officers even stopped to give him some hot chocolate. And after standing on the corner for several hours, Jamal said he finally learned his lesson.

It’s a good thing a passing motorist didn’t hurl insults at the boy. If he couldn’t use foul language he may have retorted with a strategically positioned middle finger.

Return To Sender?

This dealer apparently doesn’t like making his deliveries in person.

Steven Coburn was busted by California cops for allegedly mailing half of a pound of marijuana. So how did authorities manage to catch him? He put his return address on the package.

But even more short sighted was the fact that the Mill Valley man actually forgot to put the recipient’s address on the front of the parcel, police said.

In accordance with procedure, employees of the private shipping company the package was being sent through opened up the parcel to see if the label had been accidentally sealed on the inside.

When the workers spotted the weed they called the cops.

Sounds like this guy did
a product quality test before allegedly shipping out the goods.

Taken from Here

Friday, March 10, 2006

Is the Mahdi mentioned in any authentic hadith--Answered by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

Q. I have heard from some people that the hadith about the mahdi are weak , is this true? and what are the hadith that talk or give signs about the coming of the mahdi?

As-Salamu `alaykum:

The hadiths about the Mahdi are so numerous that many of the Ulema consider the topic to be mutawatir in meaning, i.e. mass-transmitted and not possibly invented.

Following is a hadith of interest for the present time.

In the summer of 1990, at the time the words ALLAHU AKBAR first appeared on the flag of Iraq, Saddam Hussain declared he was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him peace, and produced a family chart to prove it. This chart hangs in one of the heavily frequented Shi`i mosques in Iraq, next to the presumed grave of one of Ahl al-Bayt. Saddam also began to address King Hussayn of Jordan, a real 27-generation descendent, as "cousin."

Abu Dawud in his Sunan and Ahmad in his Musnad narrated that `Abd Allah ibn `Umar said - Allah be well-pleased with him:

We were sitting with the Messenger of Allah - upon him blessings and peace - when he mentioned the strifes. He spoke at length about many of them until he mentioned the "strife of the saddle-blankets" (fitnat al-ahlas). He said the latter was all flight and war. Then he mentioned the "strife of prosperity" (fitnat al-sarra').

He said, "Its heat and smoke (dakhan) would seep in from under the feet of a man from my family - he will claim that is descends from me but he does not descend from me. My relatives are only those who fear God."

Then [the Prophet said] the people will rally around a man like a rib-bone on top of a hip-bone [=a temporary, impermanent arrangement].

Then will come the "pitch-dark, blind strife" (al-fitnat al-duhayma'). "It will leave none of this Umma except it will smite him. When they think it is over it will linger some more. At that time, a man will rise a believer in the morning and will reach night a disbeliever. People will eventually take two sides - the rallying - place of belief which will contain no hypocrisy; and the rallying- place of hypocrisy which will contain no belief. When you see this, expect the appearance of the Anti-Christ (Dajjal) from one day to the next."


GF Haddad

Q&A from SunniPath

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ugly or Beautiful?

"However ugly a face may be, we can discover some beauty in it if we first experience wonder before it and then begin to understand it, too."

-Oskar Kokoschka

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Article from The Toronto Star


CIA used A-bomb plan as bait

U.S. gave flawed design to Iran: Author
Goal to derail or delay Tehran's work

Mar. 4, 2006. 07:57 AM
Iran and EU officials failed yesterday to resolve a standoff over Iran's nuclear work before a United Nations atomic watchdog meeting Monday that may lead to Security Council action. In his book, State of War, James Risen includes the startling claim that the U.S. actually handed Tehran the blueprints for an atomic bomb in 2000. The CIA scheme was to introduce intentional flaws in the design plans that would delay or derail Iranian work. The following excerpt shows the poorly conceived plan and its easily identified flaws.

Risen is the reporter who revealed a secret domestic U.S. wiretapping surveillance program exists in the United States.

The Russian stood out like a poor eastern cousin on Vienna's jeweled cityscape.

He was a nuclear engineer who had defected to the United States years earlier and quietly settled in America. He went through the CIA's defector resettlement program and endured long debriefings in which CIA experts and scientists from the national laboratories tried to drain him of everything he knew about the status of Russia's nuclear weapons program. Like many other Russian defectors before him, his tiresome complaints about money and status had gained him a reputation within the CIA of being difficult to manage. But he was too valuable for the CIA to toss away...

So despite their disputes, the CIA had arranged for the Russian to become an American citizen and had kept him on the payroll, to the tune of $5,000 (U.S.) a month. It really did seem like easy money, with few strings attached. Life was good. He was happy to be on the CIA gravy train.

Until now. The CIA was placing him on the front lines of a plan that seemed to be completely at odds with the interests of the United States, and it had taken a lot of persuading by his CIA case officer to convince him to go through with what appeared to be a rogue operation.

The code name for this operation was MERLIN...

The Russian's assignment from the CIA was to pose as an unemployed and greedy scientist who was willing to sell his soul — and the secrets of the atomic bomb — to the highest bidder. By hook or by crook, the CIA told him, he was to get the nuclear blueprints to the Iranians. They would quickly recognize their value and rush them back to their superiors in Tehran.

The plan had been laid out for the defector during a CIA-financed trip to San Francisco, where he had meetings with CIA officers and nuclear experts mixed in with leisurely wine-tasting trips to Sonoma County. In a luxurious San Francisco hotel room, a senior CIA official involved in the operation walked the Russian through the details of the plan. He brought in experts from one of the national laboratories to go over the blueprints that he was supposed to give the Iranians.

The senior CIA officer could see that the Russian was nervous, and so he tried to downplay the significance of what they were asking him to do. He told the Russian that the CIA was mounting the operation simply to find out where the Iranians are with their nuclear program. This was just an intelligence-gathering effort, the CIA officer said, not an illegal attempt to give Iran the bomb.

At the case officer's urging, the Russian started sending messages to Iranian scientists, scholars, and even Iranian diplomats stationed at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in Vienna.

As he mingled with scientists and other academics, the Russian picked up business cards and email addresses. The Russian began to email his new contacts, sending intriguing messages explaining that he wanted to talk with them about his ability to provide materials of interest to Iran. Finally, at one conference, he hit pay dirt when he met a physics professor visiting from Tehran.

The Russian followed up his chance encounter with emails to the scientist back at his university in Iran. The Russian explained that he had information that was extremely important, and he wanted to make an offer. After some delays, the Iranian finally responded, with a wary message, asking what he had in mind. That was enough for the CIA. Now the Russian could tell Iranian officials in Vienna that he had been in touch with a respected scientist in Tehran before he showed up on their doorstep. The CIA had discovered that a high-ranking Iranian official would be travelling to Vienna and visiting the Iranian mission to the IAEA, and so the agency decided to take the next step and send the Russian to Vienna at the same time. It was hoped that he could make contact with either the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA or the visitor from Tehran.

The CIA sent him to Vienna without any backup...

Only a handful of CIA officers knew of the existence of MERLIN.

Better to let the Russian get lost and fumble his way around town than tell more officers about the operation.

He could not stop thinking about his trip to San Francisco, when he had studied the blueprints the CIA had given him. Within minutes of being handed the designs, he had identified a flaw. "This isn't right," he told the CIA officers gathered around the hotel room.

"There is something wrong." His comments prompted stony looks, but no straight answers from the CIA men in the room... After their trip to San Francisco, the case officer handed the Russian a sealed envelope with the nuclear blueprints inside. The Russian was told not to open the envelope under any circumstances. He was to follow the CIA's instructions to find the Iranians and give them the envelope with the documents inside. Keep it simple, and get out of Vienna safe and alive, the Russian was told. But the defector was more worried than ever about what kind of game the CIA was getting him into. And he had his own ideas about how he might play that game.

In Vienna, the Russian went over his options one more time and made a decision. He unsealed the envelope with the nuclear blueprints and included a personal letter of his own to the Iranians. No matter what the CIA told him, he was going to hedge his bets. There was obviously something wrong with these blueprints — so he decided to mention that fact to the Iranians in a letter. They would certainly find flaws for themselves, and if he didn't tell them first, they would never want to deal with him again...

The Russian slid his letter in with the blueprints and resealed the envelope.

After his day of floundering around Vienna, the Russian returned to his hotel, near the city's large Stadtpark. He did a computer search and found the right street address for the Iranian mission. His courage bolstered, he decided he would go back and finish the job in the morning.

He found 19 Heinstrasse...

The only proof that this was the right place was a mail directory, with three rows of tenants' names on the wall beside the building's front door. Amid the list of Austrian tenants, there was one simple line: PM/Iran." The Iranians clearly didn't want publicity.

The Russian slipped through the front door, and hurriedly shoved his envelope through the inner door slot at the Iranian office. The Russian fled the mission without being seen. He was deeply relieved that he had finally made the handoff without ever having to come face to face with a real live Iranian. He flew back to the U.S. without being detected by either Austrian security or, more important, by Iranian intelligence...

Just days after the Russian dropped off his package at the Iranian mission, the NSA (National Security Agency) reported that an Iranian official in Vienna abruptly changed his schedule and suddenly made airline reservations and flew home to Iran. The odds were that the nuclear blueprints were now in Tehran.

From STATE OF WAR by James Risen. Copyright © 2006 by James Risen. Reprinted by permission of Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., NY.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Abu Malik al-Harith ibn 'Asim al-Ash'ari reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,

"Purity is half of belief. 'Praise be to Allah' fills up the balance, and 'Glory be to Allah and praise be to Allah' fills up everything between the heavens and the earth. The prayer is a light. Sadaqa is a proof. Steadfastness is an illumination. The Qur'an is a proof for you or against you. Everybody goes out and trades with his own self, either setting it free or destroying it."