Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost Half Way!!!

Unfortunately not it Regina yet...the buds on the trees are just starting to show

Well right now I'm 19 weeks Alhamdulillah! I'll be 20 weeks next week inshaAllah, so until then
PLEASE, PLEASE remember us in your du'as!! My next post will be then since it's the middle point (approx) of my pregnancy and it just makes more sense to do a nice long post then inshaAllah.

But please remember us in your du'as as much as you can!!


aneebaba said...

Aww ma'sha'allah dear Sister, mubarak ho! hehe. Indeed, you two will be in our du'as. You must be glowing and looking so beautiful! :-) Big hug for my bhaya! :-)

Warm everday here in Prague - 73 F during the day and currently 57 F at 2:35 AM!

Anonymous said...

i wanted to share this video with you sister. i am pregnant as well Alhamdulilah. Allahu Akbar! May your pregnancy be filled with much joy and peace.
assalamu alaikum

Umm Haniah said...

MashaAllah, alhamdulillah sister anonymous!! JazakAllah for the link also.

lol and JazakAllahu Khairan bro!!!