Monday, August 09, 2010


It's coming!!!!!

I can't wait, been waiting so long, I'm so excited to finally meet you, and there's only a little while left!!

I can't wait for Ramadhan and my beautiful baby to finally come into this world inshaAllah!

First it'll be the most glorious of all months, Ramadhan then soon after this blessed month my baby's due date will be even closer and I'll finally get to meet it too inshaAllah!

It's such an exciting time alhamdulillah.

During Ramadhan there's so much Barakah (blessings) and so much Rahma (mercy) being showered down that inshaAllah it'll be the time were we can become closer to our Creator in every possible way. There's still a short while till Ramadhan, so may Allah (swt) grant us this blessed month that's coming upon us soon. Not all get too. Some pass away (as I type) right before Ramadhan even comes in! We need it for our poor souls and our hearts, we need it bad. We need the shayateen all locked up, the doors of hell closed and the doors of Jannah open! We need the mercy and blessings of Ramadhan to replenish our Ruh (souls), purify our hearts, and squash our nafs (base-self) inshaAllah!

May Allah (swt) grant us all this blessed month and accept all our good deeds, fasts, worship and du'as!

Then soon afterward the time for my baby to come to this world will be ever so close. The excitement, nervousness, and all these other feelings is indescribable right now. I'm 34 weeks alhamdulillah and it's like the clock is ticking louder and louder...

With all the symptoms of pregnancy coming, going or getting worse, it doesn't really matter so much because I can't wait for the end result of it all. Sure, it won't be all rainbows and glitter, but what's life for a couple without the blessing of a child?


InshaAllah the baby comes at the right time, not too early and not too late! InshaAllah it comes healthy as can be and as easily as can be!!!

PLEASE remember us in your du'as during the blessed month of Ramadhan, especially while fasting!!

Everything's ready but I still feel like there's so much to do! I have so much cleaning and preparing to do...I guess it's that 'nesting phase' that I'm going through now lol

Oh and how's the new look of the blog? Thought it needed a change...I'm still playing around with it so we'll see what it comes down to finally.

I'm also very sorry I haven't been updating! After my last post I got very busy with preparing exams and whatnot for our Evening Islamic classes at the Masjid. Then right after that, at 27 weeks I went to T.O and had a LOT of fun there. We drove back from there a few weeks later, don't worry we took it slow and came in 4 days. Alhamdulillah everything went well. I'll have to post some pics of our trip inshaAllah.

Then I had a few appointments and some more baby shopping to do. We just finished it all this weekend so we don't need to run around in Ramadhan. It's also a very, very busy time for my husband, since he's the Imam here in Regina!

So that's my post for now. InshaAllah I'll try to update a few more times before the baby comes. And don't worry I'll post (a quick short one) when the baby comes inshaAllah.

Just remember us in your du'as!!!


Layla Graham said...

awww sumaiya mashaAllah :) i'm so happy for you and i love how excited you are. may Allah grant you a righteous girl or boy, ameen. make du'a for me too! i'm in my 24th week alhamdulillah! i'm due dec 4th inshaAllah, and im back here in NJ to have the baby. unfortunately my husband is not with me because the visa didnt come yet...make du'a that he comes in time for the baby because i can feel i'll get major baby blues if he isnt here! lol

Umm Haniah said...

awww InshaAllah he comes!! You'll need him more then ever as the weeks pass. May Allah (swt) make it easy and full of blessings for you! You must be happy being back in NJ huh! You'll be pampered well inshaAllah! Have fun and enjoy every moment of you pregnancy. Make lots of du'as for me too!!!!!!!!!! Give my salams to Sarah and your mum, tell them to make du'a for me as well, aand all the pregnant sisters out there inshaAllah.

aneebaba said...

Sr. Sumaiya!!!!

This is so exciting!!! I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well as the time approaches!

Indeed, what a Blessed several weeks it will be - Ramadan and then motherhood! Ma'sha'allah, alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar!!! :-D

Yes, I love the new look to the blog - very lively and green, very green - reminds of me of the . . . EARTH. :-)

Thanks so much for the update - gosh, you're going to post when the baby comes - that would be going above and beyond the call of duty of being a blogger, lol!

So glad to hear that you had a nice trip as well. I'm sure you deserved it.

Anyways, Congrats in advance and insha'allah, it will be easy for you and you'll have a healthy little one that will be the light of your eyes and a Mercy for you and bhaya.

Take care of yourself Sumaiya-ji :-)

-Anees bhaya (aka MuslimFirst)

Brooke VanBuskirk said...

ameeen to all your du'aas and i'll prepare a special du'aa for you to say while im fasting. ;) something including an easy, rewardful delivery, a beautiful, obedient, righteous child who will be coolness to your eyes, and salaam before, during and after the delivery. ameen.
Sumaiya! i forgot to include a baby outfit in your hospital checklist. bring one with you thats XS, newborn size, not 0-3 mos. theres a difference ;) what else did u get from shopping?
i know, i'm so excited about Ramadahn... i started the heartwheel journal already and am looking forward to the results... have you ever tried it, or heard good reports about it? it seems to be pretty popular.. also today im making a time budget.
you know what i was thinking about? how beneficial Ramadhaan is not only for a Muslims aakhira, but for our dunya... this recreation and spiritual cleanse is SO important subhanaAllah. and i loved your halaqa barakaAllaho feeki, i'm REALLY looking forward to this saturday, and i'll have Mohamed Ahmed Amin Mohamed take care of his progeny. ;) so i can fokisss