Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not on the label

As Salaamu Alaikum

I came across an interesting article on bbc and thought I'd share it...though it made me kind of sick because I started imagining all the things that were supposedly "not on the label".

Not on the label

By: Justin Rowlatt

Ethical Man has discovered a whole range of food additives don’t even get listed on the ingredients.

I’m spending a month as vegan to see how cutting animal products out of my diet will affect my environmental footprint. It is surpisingly difficult to avoid animals; you'd be amazed how many foods contain animal products in some form or other.

There was a huge response when I wrote about my concerns that an amino acid used as an additive in bread is sometimes manufactured from human hair. I was reassured to discover that it is possible to avoid the substance – called L-Cysteine or E920 – because it is listed on the ingredients.

Then last week Britain’s leading organic baker, Andrew Whitely, wrote to me to warn of what he calls of “baking’s big secret” – the use of enzymes.

Andrew describes the use of these enzymes as secret because they do not appear on the label. Industrial bakers use a loophole to classify them as “processing aids”. The problem for a vegan like me – or for that matter for Jews, Muslims and vegetarians – is that some of these enzymes are manufactured from animals, including pigs.

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Omar said...

yea...thats why Allah created Dearborn, Devon and Jarad Sharief =)

brotherhood said...

wth?? wow jazakallah for this post!!

Ahmed said...

Salaam i dont know if you've known this but L-cystine (human hair) was actually an ingredient in the dough of pizza huts pizzas, i dont think they use it in their pizzas n e more!

mo said...

mashallah junaid jamshed has a nice voice