Saturday, March 10, 2007

Exams are OVER! And I'm BACK!

Exams are OVER!

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, the exams went well. The whole week was extremely stressful and depressing. I mean we started studying way before the actual exams but when it came to the day before the exam I felt like I still needed to start from the beginning and memorize everything I can. We were going through what I like to call, The Pre Madresah-Exam Study Syndrome.

Its symptoms include:

…coming soon :evil grin:

Well Aishah’s planning to make a separate blog for JAS, where all the crazy and remarkable things we do will be put up, so you can read about the symptoms there InshaAllah.

Okay these exams where LONG and it just felt good in one way to get them over with but then you had to keep thinking about how you might have done. The written exams were not so hard and the oral exams were just nerve wracking.

So Alhamdulillah I did really, really well, InshaAllah next semester I plan to do even better, especially in Nahw. Surprisingly this time I did quite well in Nahw, better then I thought I would anyways. And in Arabic, when Ml. Nazim made the girls show me my mark, my eyes literally became teary because I was so afraid to look at the paper. And there were about 10 girls on my bed shoving it in my face, while I covered my face with my nahw book, then all I hear is, “It’s above 90!!!!” so out of shock I move the book and I see it. SubhanAllah I was shocked. The exam wasn’t hard, just very long (I started at 2:15 pm and finished after Maghrib - around 6 something) and I tend to make ridiculous mistakes. So I don’t know if I should post up my marks, I’m too shy about it…maybe when we get our final last semester results I’ll post both up, InshaAllah. lol Aishah was planning to post up her report card, so you can see hers, she did really, really good MashaAllah.

There are some seriously intelligent girls in our Madresah, I mean seriously intelligent. Hah! I can imagine next semester, girls will be trying harder and doing even better for competition, InshaAllah.

In 6 months I’ve learnt so much, it’s just mind-boggling. I showed my sisters my books (and the awesome looking report card) and what we had on the exam, and they were shocked. MashAllah in 6 months Jamia Aishah Siddiqah came a long way. Make du’a for this place everyone.

Also, May Allah (swt) bless all my teachers Ml. Nazim, Sawdah apa and Mufti Adam with Jannatul Firdaws and raise them all amongst the Ulema, the Ambiyya , the Shuhada, the Saliheen and the Saubireen. Ameen. They had mercy on us while marking and taking our exams. Ml. Nazim and Sawdah apa worked real hard teaching us, being with us and striving along with us at Jamia Aishiah Siddiqah, May Allah (swt) reward them well and make them successful in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen

I keep thinking in my head “Exams, Exams…. those over, but the worldly one is still on.” May Allah (swt) make us successful at the end of our journey, so that our eternal home in the hereafter will be Jannah al-Firdaws. Ameen

JazakAllahu Khair everyone for the du’as (for the exams), I really appreciate it. I’m sure one of your du’as got accepted. :)

Also I’ve noticed some of you don’t know that there are 2 bloggers on this blog. One is myself, the soul-owner and the other is one of my sisters (known as BELIEVERESS) who posts when I’m at Madresah. As far as can see, she’s doing a good job of it, MashaAllah.

Coming back after a month to a new house, which doesn’t feel like home, feels really strange. I come back, and decide to leave my clothes in my bags since I’ll be going back in a week, no point in fixing my room. Oh My Allah (swt) my computer is NOT in my room but in my sister’s!!!! That just killed me. And it’s not my sister’s fault…I still have to figure out who’s it was…but seriously this computer is the ONLY thing I miss (other then my mum’s food) when I’m at Madresah. Don’t worry, it’s not like I dream, drool and depress over the computer and food it’s just that I like to come “home” and sit on the computer which I’ve taken so much care of since we bought it, :sigh:

But I’ve been telling myself that all things happen for a reason, Allah (swt) has His own plans, and so I’m not going to cry about it. And since I’m hardly ever home I guess it doesn’t really make a difference, my sis will just have to deal with me when I get home to do research and surf the web. This new house doesn’t feel like “home” yet, so until or if it ever will, Madresah (JAS) is my real home for now. I just love that place, SubhanAllah.

Well I ‘ll post later on then, got loads to unpack and clean around the house (the previous owners have no idea what CLEANLINESS is!!!!!!! I don't think they're human...) and InshaAllah I’ll get started on some paintings too, I thought of some really good ideas at Madresah and I can’t wait to get started.

Take care all and JazakAllahu Khair for still visiting the blog. :)

As salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

P.S. I have soo much to share…soon though InshaAllah, soon.


Omar said...


oh man school is driving me insane!
iA I will update..soon I hope

Lazeena said...

mashaAllah: "JAS, your home away from home".. guess its true huh? subhanAllah i miss you all sooo much you dont understand!! mashaAllah i met some wonderful people as JAS. ive got to say, and maybe this is because I lived with you all and saw you all 24/7 but the people here are like my friends, but you all are my sisters. i've known the ppl here for so long, but i feel like i've known you all for so long because i've lived with you!! if only canada wasn't so far..

i must commend everyone for getting through the exams and working hard up to this well deserved vacation. i woulda flipped out the last month !! lol and i dont think i'd have even done close to well as you all have done. mashaAllah you girls are so smart and retain the information so long, and i pray that Allah only increases your memories and desires to learn His deen and be able to pass it on to others through whichever means possible, ameen. must be awkward not really being 'home'.. it'll take a while to make the new place like your home since you're never really there.

as salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Irfan paderwala said...

Hope You suceed, and thanks for commenting on my blog, inshallah leave it to Allah, he will give you the best result. make sure you remember me in you're duaa's.

Salaamz, and keep up the excellent postings.

sumaiya said...

wa alaykum salam, Aww Lazeena we miss you loads. It's ok about the phone, I figured something was wrong with my phone so I went around the house looking for some problem, oh well.

If you were there with us studying you would have gone crazy just like us and I'm sure you would have done excellent on your exams. Aha! An American missing Canada! lol doesn't that being back good memories?? It's still weird not having you in our nahw/sarf classes , it's usually just me and Fatimah in the morning and then the other 3 join after 12:15. We're going to start some new books inshaAllah, can't wait for that. Learning Arabic and Urdu is the bomb especially when I can make sentences in Arabic which no one in my family understands :D
Take care Lazeena, as salamu alaykum.

Omar: wa alaykum salam, hope school's not killing you

Irfan: JazakAllahu Khair for the du'as.