Friday, June 06, 2008

Got My CD!

As salamu alaikum,

Boy is it getting hot in Toronto or what? With humidity it's 41 C. Which is just insane. It feels like there's a gigantic heater blowing outside along with a humidity machine...

I was supposed to be ironing, but I thought the blog needed some updating.

As you can tell, I got my NBN (NoBeatsNecessary) cd (Open Your Eyes). I actually got it a few weeks ago, just never got to update about it on the blog. What can I say? It's the only thing playing in our car other then 680 news. In the beginning we didn't really love all the tracks because it was different from all the other nasheeds we were used too. It only took a few times listening to them and they started growing on us. Now we're loving it! MashaAllah I have to say they've done an awesome job. The words have great meaning and really makes you think, like this track that I added on the blog.


I'll update again later this week inshaAllah.



Anonymous said...

I was actually thankful we got warm weather, after living through that cold winter, Alhamdulillah a few days of warmth was just the thing everyone needed.

Sweet CD.

Looking forward to your next post :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah I love the CD too. It's natural and raw and really does make you think.
May Allah guide us all sister inshallah.

sumaiya said...

ameen, ameen!