Monday, January 05, 2009

Casualties rise in Gaza offensive --BBC NEWS

Inside Gaza's al-Shifa hospital

Casualties have been pouring into over-stretched hospitals in the Gaza Strip as Israel presses on with its offensive against Palestinian militant groups...

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juhi khuddose said...
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juhi khuddose said...

As-salam-alaikum sister!!

hw r u?? remem me?em Muskaan...I hav started a blog its a Islamic blog wud lik u to visit n let me knw hw is it

Anonymous said...

hey salam sumaiya!! hwo are you?
hope youre good!
omg, did you know that asma started a blog?
I LOVE IT! check it out:

sumaiya said...

I'll have to check out both blogs inshaAllah, and which asma are you talking about? I just know too many asmas to figure it out!