Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Back!

As salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh!

After a nice loooong holiday in good ol' T.O I'm back in Regina getting ready for the most blessed month of the year, Ramadhan! May Allah (swt) give us the ability (and life) to take full benefit (to the max) of the Holy Month.

For those wondering if I miss T.O-- I do. But not that much. Just the thought of Ramadhan getting closer doesn't make me miss it that much. I'm just so excited!!

About my summer, I'll explain it when I post the pictures up inshaAllah. Right now, I'm just busy with a Ramadhan Series (Seerah is on hold until after Eid) for sisters in highschool and university. So if you fall under that catagory and live in Regina, come and join us inshaAllah. My wonderful husband (mashaAllah) will also be doing a Family Halaqah this Saturday inshaAllah, so if you don't fall into the former catagory then this one should do it as it is for everyone!

Like the amateur poster? It's by yours truly! As you can see, I'm still new with CorelDraw...more about that later!

Until then, I promise I'll be updating sooner then you think inshaAllah! :)


lil Hijabi said...

awww mashallah thats really nice of u and ur husband, and the poster thingi is reallyyy nice aswell mashallah.Gud job!

sumaiya said...

aww, jazakAllahu Khair! I just saw the comment today, I didn't think anyone still comes on or would you really made my day!