Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I know, I know..but I have some good NEWS

Okay, I said I was going to be posting more this year and now it's March and there hasn't been any postings. Hehe can I be forgiven? I have a perfectly good excuse though! It's because of it I've been sort of unable to sit and make posts for the blog but now I'm at the stage where I think I can be up to it again. I missed the blog a lot and I miss posting too.

So what's the big excuse then? Actually, before we get to that, let me say that I wasn't going to say it on this blog. I was thinking of making another blog for it. But then I thought of the name of the blog and I realized, hey, this is the blog to talk about it! I'm sure you've guessed it by now :)

If you haven't, I'll let you keep guessing!

Now I'm super excited to blog about this whole new experience (Alhamdulillah, MashaAllah) and all the ups and downs that go with it inshaAllah. Don't worry, I'll still post other things and I still haven't forgotten about the Marriage Series ;) I know people are still waiting for the 3rd part in that one.

Any guesses??

I'll wait for someone to comment and then I'll begin the posting inshaAllah!

Take care for now, and remember me in your du'as!


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sumaiya said...

lol yeah!!! Wow that was a fast response mashaAllah! So I guess this means I gotta start posting about it! Yaaay!