Thursday, May 20, 2010

Passed the Half Way Mark

Now this picture is from Regina...spring is finally here!


I'm 22 weeks and therefore more then halfway through my pregnancy. I was supposed to post at 20 weeks but that was the week of my ultrasound and I wanted to make sure everything was just perfect. Alhamdulillah it was. Seeing our baby moving around, cuddling against the placenta, stretching it's hands and kicking it's legs (in 3D!) was just overwhelmingly amazing and awesome, subhanAllah. The radiology place here that does ultrasounds also show in 3D and I'm so glad that they do, you get to see the details more clearly then the normal black and white images. The woman who was doing the ultrasound was super nice, showed us all the vital organs and gave us lots of pics to take home. I had to obviously wait for the report to go to my doctor and finally get her say on the health of the baby...that felt like ages. Soon as I knew that it was all good alhamdulillah, it was such a relief.

I just started my 6th month now, so that means I have like 4 months to go inshaAllah! All the mothers were telling me how fast it will go and to make the most of it. Well, it sure went fast! I feel like it was just a while ago that I found out I was expecting...subhanAllah. Now time's flying even faster with the summer just around the corner, our masjid activities getting busier and our evening madresah coming to a close for the year. Wow, I feel like there's so much still to do. Soon I'll be in TO inshaAllah for a little visit then there will be just a few weeks till Ramadhan and then the due date will be unbelievably closer!!! Then inshaAllah our family of two will be three...oh I can't wait!

So besides all that, the spring (and almost summer) weather feels great. Seeing everything turn green just makes you feel better from the inside, subhanAllah. It's all so dead looking in the winter and then Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) brings the world around you back to life in the most beautiful way that there is no way one can deny His existence. I just love being able to open the windows, hear the birds, and feel the warm breezes. Now we just have to wait for the actual summer then the fun begins inshaAllah! BBQs, freezes, watermelon, popsicles, ice cream, home-made kulfi, pani puri (ok that's just a majorly big craving that I'm having), lying in the hammock (when we go to TO), getting wet by someone waving the water hose around, going to parks, etc, etc, etc are things I just love doing in the summer and InshaAllah I'll be able to do ALL and more when I go to TO this summer! Then next summer we can introduce it all to our baby inshaAllah...can't wait for that and many more years after that inshaAllah.

Please, please continue to remember us in your humble du'as, du'a is quite the powerful tool for the believers, subhanAllah.


Radiant Light said...


Aww mubrook, mashaAllah. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you had any kids.

I had a lil girl in october, subhanAllah its amazing, you'll love it.

Please email me inshaAllah

Fatima (England)

Brooke VanBuskirk said...

wooooo! Sumaiya, i got off facebook and onto blogger!!! hahaha yes, sir. addicted to social networks, i must be. anyway... i just wanted to say its gonna be fun following you and you should follow the islamic homeschooling lady im following. i think she's awesome. also, you might've felt like time has flied in this pregnancy, but i feel like its taking forever!!! gimme my niece/nephew already!

sumaiya said...

Radiant light hope you got my email in time inshaAllah!!!

And Brooke!! I'm so glad you're blogging now mashaAllah, you're perfect for it :D lol remember to make lots of du'as for me this Ramadhan, hope to see you and your sweety pies soon