Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Exercise of Pas Anfas

At a conference last year, a friend of mine showed me this piece written at the end of this book (which my sister bought that day). That piece has stuck with me and I can really say that it works. SubhanAllah, it’s a great joy for me to share this gift. I still have not read the entire book because I have so many to still finish, but I really recommend this book to everyone.

The Exercise of Pas Anfas

For strengthening presence of mind, increasing zeal, and improving memory, one of the simplest and most efficacious exercise known is Pas Anfas, or “Guarding the Breath”. This is a breathing exercise and its method is as follows:
Take a deep breath. When inhaling concentrate on the word Allah. When exhaling concentrate on the syllable hu. Do this repeatedly.
In the beginning, practice this exercise in solitude until you feel a warm sensation. Thereafter, perform it at all times: while walking, sitting and so forth. In all states, endeavor to establish this concentration. At first some effort will be required. However, after a short while one’s breathing will be so conditioned that it will become second nature and will happen spontaneously without one having to continuously strive to do it.
(page 132)

The Book: The Path to Perfection

An edited anthology of the spiritual teachings of Hakim Al-Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi

By Shaykh Masihullah Khan

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