Tuesday, September 05, 2006


As salaamu alaikum

This is just torture, it’s horrible! Did you know that----hold on just a second there…*turns around*

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *falls down off of the chair onto her knees in despair and screams frantically while pulling onto her hijab*

*quickly calms herself and sits down composed*

Where was I? Oh yes…I was going to mention something utterly horrifying. It pains me to even bring it up. But alas, I must do so.

Tomorrow…*takes a deep breath*…Ihavetogobacktoschool *cries dramatically*

Horrible isn’t it!?!?! I know I know, but what can I do? *sigh*

Okay…that was quite the scene I suppose. But more or less – um less actually – it’s true. I have to go back to school tomorrow…for another like what, 10 months. 10 whole months. I will, once again, no longer have a life. Day in and day out I will be trying to swim up to the surface of this huge ocean working to my limits to save myself from drowning (which ofcourse metaphorically symbolizes homework, assignments, tests, exams and the like). And it doesn’t get any better. There’s so much pressure I might as well stick myself into a pressure cooker and let everything finish quicker……….yeah…lame...who cares *shrugs*.

I’m sure most of you feel the same way. You do don’t you. I know you do. Right…..I don’t mean to scare anyone..teehehe. Maybe that just did…

Hmm..so anyway…InshaAllah I’ll still be posting…though not as often I expect. Remember me in your duas and pray that this year goes by quick :)



N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

lol, Inshallah will keep you in my duas. Excellent way of conveying this post btw :D mashallah. lol School's not all that bad - seriously.. the world of 'ilm :D

believeress said...

lol, thanks :p

Yeah I know...Alhamdulillah I'm in a great learning environment and I do gain knowledge from it all...but that doesnt stop it from being so hard! *sigh*

I went today and came home with homework from every single class! On the first day of school too. Aaaand my allergies started acting up during class..so I was sneezing throughout and wasnt able to concentrate on anything. Great. I wanna sleep....*-)