Saturday, October 28, 2006

Late Eid Mubarak to All!

So I’m going back soon to JAS, and it seems so very fast, it’s a shame, a great shame that time flies so fast. Anyways, I still can’t wait to get back, okay I take that back. I actually can wait, since we’re having a test and I don’t think I’m prepared for it. I guess I’ll have to study now; yeah I’m one of them people, you know the procrastinators. And a procrastinator with a not so brilliant memory, a nice little combo don’t ya think?

Right so I’ll be posting until I leave, I know I have no life (definitely an uninteresting one) but bear with me.

- Well recently I went to some liquidation/warehouse sale, I had to go because my mum was at work and she needed me to get her things before all the other crazy women there take everything. So there I am, oh and I had to drive there with my aunts and granma (nani ma), and it was umm pretty interesting. I’m sort of claustrophobic (and I wear a Niqab, which I am soooo totally used to now, alhamdulillah) so I was a bit confused when I got into the place. It was jam packed, with the most multicultural/coloured people in the GTA. There were browns (desi folks of all sorts), Chinese, blacks and whites (who had HUGE Christmas shopping lists, “we got John, Michelle, Mike’s still left, what should we get him?”). It was a mad house for cheap priced items. And I was there thinking of my mum’s list. So I try to take my cart around the place, and it’s like a tight traffic jam, the old folks seemed determined to get across by shoving all the carts aside. Since I was getting nowhere, I decided to do what all the smart desi aunties where doing. Leave the cart aside and get all the things by hand and dump them in the cart. Clever huh? It got sort of fun, I got over the whole claustrophobic thing, and I could think much clearly (just a random thought, I just realized I had no claustrophobia during Hajj hmm…). I remember at one point, the ladies who were buying Christmas presents were near my cart, now they probably didn’t know it was mine, because one of them was taking my Sunkist fruit snacks, two of the boxes. So I dumped some more stuff in my cart. She looks up and gives a guilty smile, “Is this yours?” ah I just smiled back and told her where to find the snacks, and I found it rather funny. Yeah so I can go on and on about that day, but it would never end. Just know that when I got outside, I felt human again.

- I went to Sherway Gardens, and lets just say it’s quite a posh shopping mall for us middle class folks. I got a few stares from some old white folks, but I stared back at one couple who wouldn’t stop, I was going to wink too, but I didn’t want to give anyone a heart attack. Well anyways in the end we went to The Bay, and a lady who sells perfume at the Bay got obsessed (in a good way) with my “cool” niqab. I seriously thought she was taking the mickey out of me. She offers me some valentino perfume sample, to which I said no. Then she kept looking at me then with her big wide eyes she comes right in front of me and says with such enthusiasm, “Where do you get that?!”

Me :“sorry, but umm what?”

Her: “The beautiful mask, where do you get it?”

Me: (what in the world???) “This thing?” I point at it.

Her: “Yeah I’d like to get one, I want one just like it, it’s gorgeous!”

My mum comes in because she thinks this lady’s a bit coo coo: “she got it from an Islamic clothing store. Why do you want one?”

Her: I’ve seen many women wearing one, but I really like this one, it’s so cool, you know what I mean?

Me: (ok….I guess she’s serious) “yeah haha”

Her: you know it’s perfect, you don’t have to worry about putting all that make-up on you could just play up your eyes and stick on some fake lashes and you’re set. Oh and it’s perfect for when you want to cover something on your face. I got a chemical peal last week and my face was so red, then I put cream on it and it just burned everything…

She went on and on about it. And she goes soo close to my mum’s face when she emphasizes a point that my mum steps back a bit and smiles awkwardly, I think she was trying not to laugh).

So basically we ended up giving her some addresses to some stores, since she also fell in love with my mum’s abayah, she even made her do a few twirls. Then she made us try on all these different perfumes, until we couldn’t smell anymore (for which she had a remedy, she made us smell coffee beans) and then she loaded us all with samples. Man that was some day.

- Embarrassingly I keep forgetting how to say that “I finished 19 years (of my life) and I’m on 20 now” in gujrati. And I neeeed to know for this Sunday evening. You see, my mum’s side of the family well actually the people from her town in India, here are having an Eid party. I’m actually supposed to go to JAS that day, but my nani maa really wants me to come, and pretty much told me to go on Monday morning (I had to ask Sawdah apa, and it’s all good). At first I didn’t realized why, then it came to me, she wants me to meet people so ummm…oh you know what I mean. This is so totally going to suck *deep sigh*, well at least a lot of JAS advertising will be done.

- I neeeed to paint, but I have noooo time now. And oh and how could I forget to mention that I sold 4 of my paintings, all for 90 bucks! Yeah I hardly made anything but I can’t wait for rich people to buy from me. I mean some people pay good money, well those who can anyways besides I suck at selling/buying/negotiating, But I still sold them, they’re gone, people loved them, more people now know about me and that’s all that matters.

- Oh and just today I was watching this interview on cbc, I think. It was about the Muslim cleric who talked about “covering” in Australia. The “face mask” topic came up and the Muslim lady… whatshername? Ah I forgot, so she agrees about everything with Straw and others with opinions like his (or worse) about how it is hard to communicate with a facemask and blah blah blah. Seriously people, those who can’t communicate well with a niqabi because they cannot see her expression, probably don’t have a cell phone and probably do not talk on phones at all. Their mind must be really weak if you know what I mean, poor them. It’s like

Person1 and Person2 are having a conversation and Person1 asks P2,

“Hey can I have your number? Maybe we can talk over the phone sometime.”

P2 defiantly says, “Oh no, I do not talk on phones at all.”

P1 looks confused and says, “Really? But why?”

P2 smugly says, “Well I can’t see your face and therefore I can’t see the expression your making so it’s very hard for me to understand what you’re saying and how you might be feeling. It’s better if I look at your face and talk. My brain only works visually.”

How ridiculous does that sound?! I’m sure no one would say it like that, but you get my drift yeah? Notice yourself when talking on the phone with someone. Just by listening to their voice, tone, pitch, quality, etc you can easily tell if the person on the other end is laughing, smiling (seriously, you can actually hear a person smile), even if their sad, tired, upset, angry, happy, etc you can tell by their voice or the way they’re speaking. I’ve done a over the phone type of a job where I would have to talk to so many different types of people and believe me when I say I know what expressions they’re making.

- Oh. My. Allah. I CANNOT WAIT FOR RIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s driving me crazy. I had a little flyer thing that I got from Pizza Land and it had a list of some of the speakers that will be coming inshaAllah, but I lost it...

- I just found out I may be more left-brain dominant….

- I am in love with Lindt Lindor chocolate, that warehouse sale had loads of them for a good price.

- I thought after the 12th season of ER finished, my addiction to it would cease but I was wrong. Season 13 started and I need more ER!!! I’m such a weirdo

- Now if I continue to share my thoughts, I will most likely get in to odd topics and seem weirder then I actually am. So on that point I shall stop and end this so very long/boring/useless post for today.

Take care all and remember me in your du’as, specifically that I do real well in JAS, for this life and especially for the next.


Zainab said...

hey u! slmz, omg i completely 4got 'bout the test. Well, i'll b sittin' in the van 4 5hrs or so, mite as well study then. lol. I'm 1 of the procastinators 2. i didn't complete all my wrk(yet). oh i've got a liquidation store close by too. use 2 go there with my mom n younger bro. can't imagine wat it'd b like durin' this time of year. probly same thing lol. man, that thing about the lady in The Bay is so funny. reminded me of this young girl who said she wore her hijaab only on bad hair dayz. lol.n yeah these ppl, who don't agree wid the niqaabs, r lackin' brains big time. n i cud go on n on cuz i(seriously) don't have a life. But gotta pak as i'm headin' bak 2day.

Traveller said...



I clicked on the JAS link.. was impressed. Its cool to see fresh institutions being established for Islamic Studies. And the part about people hating on the Niqab and their ridiculousness was hilarious.

I did make up one or more words in this comment, but it gets the idea across pretty well. =) Salaam.

Mujahidah said...

Will miss you! You'll do awesome on the test, you always do!
Keep us in your duas as well!