Saturday, November 04, 2006

Home for the Weekend

So I’m home for the weekend. What a week! It was full of full of stress, nervousness, anxiety, happiness, hopelessness, uncertainty, etc, etc. Well, at least my test went great alhamdulillah, aaand I did forget Ml. Nazim’s homework at home, which really sucked but alhamdulillah I managed to somehow do it again and hand it in (but it wasn’t 100% at all). Surprisingly, I should say ALHAMDULILLAH all the girls came back and more new girls enrolled. So I think there are 46 girls now, not bad at all for the first class at JAS, huh?

Just a random note, when I got home, I was practially jumping off my seat when I saw Sunniforum back up. Yaaaaaaay it's BACK! O how I missed that forum...

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