Saturday, December 09, 2006

Are We Worthy of His Mercy and Forgivness?

So for those of you who don't know, I'm at home, been home for a while now. I don't want to be, seriously and honestly speeking I'd rather be at madresa, the thought of all that I'm missing is literly killing me. So here's the post, the first part of this post was written on July 28, at 2:33 am. I guess I forgot all about it, Allah (swt) knows what was going on with me then, because I sure can't remember...

Do we put ourselves in denial of who we are and why we’re here, in this dunya? We blind ourselves and convince ourselves to hold on to this materialistic world. In we fall deeper and deeper in this dream. Trying to live every detail of this momentary life. Sins above sins are committed and still we induce ourselves that we’ll be all right. We leave the Sunnah because “it’s only a Sunnah”. It is only our words, and no more our actions. The way of life leaves us in front of our very eyes. It leaves us slowly and painfully, but we have numbed the body, mind and soul. No more do we feel, speak, hear or see the truth, the way and the reality. Sincerity and steadfastness leaves us in our Ibadah, are we really worthy of Allah (swt)’s Mercy and Forgiveness? I sure hope and pray we are…

May Allah (swt), the All Merciful and the All-Forgiving, forgive our sins whether it is the size of the biggest mountain or the size of an atom. May Allah (swt) guide us to the straight path and keep us on it till our death. May Allah (swt) take us with the kalimah on our lips and as Mu’mineen. May He (swt) save us from the torments of the grave, the Day of Judgment and from the fires of Hell. May Allah (swt) have Mercy on our souls so that we may all live in Jannatul Firdaws forever and always.



Niqabi said...

As'salaam Wa'alikum,

why have u returend home? is a killing feeling, spend ur spiritual growth, seclude yourself and just worship. Insh'aLlah u will build yourself from within while u are away from your madrassah of learning.
insh'aLlah u will return soon.

maaz said...

some books you should pick up while at RIS:

they're both about treading the path of 'ilm. may Allah accept you again, and ease your path. amen.

sumaiya said...

as salamu alaykum

nida- I'm home bc of some unfinished business, and until it finishes then can I only go back. InshaAllah next week, I'll be there again and I can feel better again.

maaz- Ameen to the du'a and I'll take your advise and buy those books inshaAllah, they seem very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

May Allah(swt)make it easy for you and allow you to achieve all your goals. Ameen.


sumaiya said...


Omar said...

Subhanallah sis,

Excellent reminder, which brings to mind one of the most linguistically phenominal quotes ever said about the forgiveness

"Perhaps when my Lord distributes his mercy, it will be proportional to my sins"-Rumi

keep me in your du'as

brotherhood said...


may Allah accept our duas and forgive our sins, ameen

sumaiya said...

Omar- wow those are some (SubhanAllah) deep words. And keep me in your du'as also.

Brotherhood- Ameen :)