Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back for Holidays

hah, I'm back already, wasn't that too quick?

Well I was right about being loaded with work. I have a Nahw test when I get back, I have to say all my sarf tables at once which is the easy bit compared to catching up with all the exercises, the duroos lessons (1-9) in book 2, and over 160 verbs for sarf.

I was actually jumping up and down when I got into my room, I missed my roomies, my fellow classmates/boarders, teachers and their kids. When I got there I felt like superman who after a long time of being trapped in some dark place with kryptonite ( kryptonite being shaitan in my case) finally gets energy from the sun when he escapes to it. Okay so I suck at metaphors, but give me a break people. I felt so good being back there, in the "learning ilm" environment. I don't know what the feeling was exactly, but whatever it was I'm truly grateful for it, alhamdulillah.

Every time I go back, there's like 50 dramatic stories/scenes/events that I miss. Everyone has some story to tell me about what went on while I was away. It's quite scary and amusing at the same time. I'll share some stories next time inshaAllah. Right now I gotta get ready to finally close off my unfinished business, I'm in desperate need of your du'as.

Well today will be the first day for RIS5 and it's like RIS4 was just a while ago... man time flies fast. InshaAllah I'll put up some pics or something once I get back from that.

Oh and the reason why Kalimataan is back, is because 3 people (you know who you are :P) wanted me to put it back, so here it is again.

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Anonymous said...

Salaam, u keep mentioning unfinished business that now im so curious!! what is it?!?!!?! lol