Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As salaamu alaikum

Abu Dharr (ra) narrates a lengthy Hadith in which he states:

"I asked the Messenger of Allah (S) to advise me. The Messenger of Allah (S) said, 'I exhort you to fear Allah for it is the finest adornment for all your [worldly and religious] affairs.' I said, 'Advise me further.' He (S) said, 'Hold fast to the recitation of the Quran and the remembrance of Allah Most Great and Glorious, for it will mean that you will be remembered in the heavens, and it will be light for you on earth.' I said, 'Advise me further.' He (S) said, 'Observe long silences, for it repels Satan and will assist you in your religious matters.' I said, 'Advise me further.' He (S) said, 'Refrain from excessive laughter, because it deadens the heart and takes away the light of the face.' I said, 'Advise me further.' He (S) said, 'Speak the truth, even though it may be bitter.' I said, 'Advise me further.' He (S) said, 'Do not be intimidated by the rebuke of others in the way of Allah.' I said, 'Advise me further.' He said, 'Let your own weaknesses disinterest you from the weaknesses of others.'" [Bayhaqi]

SubhanAllah, Rasulullah (S) has advised us a great deal as to how we can attain Jannah in the Akhirah and yet do we follow it? He (S) said (meaning more or less) that he has left two things behind for us and by holding on to those two things we shall not go astray. They are: the Quran, and his Sunnah. All we have to do is follow the example of the beloved of Allah and we'll be okay in the Akhirah InshaAllah.

We brush the small things aside thinking they're not important. But in reality we are ignorant, thinking that it won't matter whether or not we refrain from these "small" evils because they've become so prominent in the society we live in and become such a norm that we don't even regard it as a sin (ie. swearing/cursing, backbiting, lying, cheating). People are so ignorant now that they commit sins openly not caring the slightest. One of my teachers was saying how in the time of the Prophet (S) if the Sahabah (ra) missed a Nafl (voluntary) act, they would feel as if they've done something wrong - even though it wasn't Fardh upon them to do it. And today we see people intentionally not performing the Fara'idh (obligatory acts, ie. Salah). Then we go on and on about how the state of the Ummah is in a huge crisis. Well ofcourse it is. If we aren't taking responsibility over our individual actions and improving ourselves, how on earth will we help improve others and help strengthen the Ummah?

Everything starts out small. We can't just jump to "let's save the Ummah that's in crisis" without first changing ourselves and those around us for the better. We all should take heed in all that we learn, no matter if it's the smallest thing, or even if we've heard it a thousand times before. Check yourself and see if you've made that change within yourself or are atleast trying to. Act upon the advice you hear because that is what will truly help you...and whether we know it or not, we are in need of that help because we're such sinners.

The example of the Prophet (S) is the greatest help we could ask for. Follow his Sunnah and his advice and InshaAllah we will be of those whom Allah forgives and has mercy upon on the Day of Judgement. It might be tough in the beginning, and we'll have to keep reminding ourselves over and over again, but we should put in that little effort from our side, and InshaAllah He will help us with the rest.

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