Sunday, May 20, 2007

Summer Intensive and Qaalat

So I’m home again, for the long weekend and I have two lovely tests when I get back. One is the DLA (Duroosul Lagatul Arabiyya, Medina Books) Part 2, lessons 1-20 and the other is the Qasas Book 1, noun test (for the first few pages I have to know the plurals/singulars for every noun)…so yeah I’m in a great need of du’as, especially for DLA. We’ve already been tested for translation of Qasas B1 and alhamdulillah that went excellent. We’re taking tests every week for Nahw, bit of a headache but that’s going better then I thought alhamdulillah…except the last one hehe sorry Ml. Nazim :)

Anyways let’s see what else there is for me to share…We had a savory and I mean savory BBQ about 2 weeks ago and we had loads of fun, I mean there’s no other word to describe it. The night before, some of us girls with Sawdah apa marinated the chicken and made the burgers. Then the next day it was quite a hilarious site when a bunch of us were trying to get the darn BBQ started. We were there fanning with pieces of cardboard and singing nasheeds while coughing on large amounts of smoke for like an hour. Then we played some games, ate, had a another little nasheed session with our very talented (MashaAllah) Sawdah apa, and then we all went and jumped in the creek. The water was cold but the girls, the little kids (like Rayhan and Kulthoom) and even some of the teachers where having too much fun splashing about in the water. Man, it was some day - pretty much unforgettable (Alhamdulillah).

Every time I’m there I have so many things I want to blog about, but I forget by the time I sit on the computer at home…it’s quite annoying. But there is a solution: we write down all our moments at JAS and blog ‘em all on one blog. Yup, and that blog is finally up and running Alhamdulillah, and I can’t wait to share it, so here’s the link:

Oh and check out this awesome event that I mentioned before in another post. I guarantee it’ll be a worthwhile experience; you’ll be grateful that you took this summer intensive at the Madressa - a place full of the Noor of the Ulema and the struggle of the Seekers of Knowledge. It’s only for a month and InshaAllah, it’ll be an unforgettable experience and a true blessing in your life...

Intensive Summer Arabic Studies Program Site :



mademoiselle said...

(came across blog from islamica)

Madrassa Exam Time is raelly draining. InshaAllah it'll pass with success (Duas).

DLA is great - according to more traditional books, it has a much different rhythm but I found it pretty consice and informative. We're having an exam - just finished the 3rd!


sumaiya said...

Finished the 3rd?! MashaAllah!

May Allah (swt) make you successful in your exams. Ameen.

Yeah I have agree, DLA is amazing, it's definitely better then all the other books I went through.

I'll be going back today InshaAllah, remember me in your du'as. :)

Anonymous said...

i wish i can take the summerarabic (beginners level) course at JAS. plz make dua for me..that Allah eases my problems and opens the Doors of knowledge and His mercy for me and my family. ameen

i luv to read ur blog..keep it up. may Allah bless u all. ameen

-a sister in islam from ottawa

waslaam wa rehmatullah