Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Islamic Foundation of Toronto Events

The Annual North American Qira'at-ul-Qur'an and Hifz Competition

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The Youth Tarbiyah Conference 2008

Unfortunately it's the same weekend as MuslimFest, but I've made up my mind already and so i'll be the YTC, inshaAllah. You cannot miss out on this when there's such an amazing list of speakers this year. I mean every year there is but this year mashaAllah it's even better. I really want to hear Shaykh Ebrahim Bham, SubhanAllah I've heard a lot about him from my husband.

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Yeah I know, I was supposed to be at MuslimFest this year to sell my paintings, since I missed out last year (for the first time because I was in Panama enjoying the palm trees and the rain forests). I guess I'll have to do it at RIS, even though the tables are so expensive! I really don't want to price them too high, inshaAllah we'll figure something out by then.



Amer Meknas said...

Assalamo Alekom,

It is unfortunate that the YTC was scheduled the same weekend as MuslimFest! (MuslimFest is always the second weekend of August!)

Anyhow, you can still participate in the Art Exhibit insha'llah. just check the website and download the forms... Displaying your art work is as important as selling them and being there. You might inspire someone insha'llah to become a better artist... a better Muslim...

Wassalamo Alekom,


sumaiya said...

I really want to be at both places. I've been preparing for MF all year. But I can't miss the YTC, it's a great opportunity to gain knowledge from great Ulema. I also want to be there to if I'm going to participate at MF, I want to explain my paintings, most of them have a lot of meaning behind them. I also want to know who bought my painting. One of my paintings got bought from the exhibit the year before, but I didn't know who it was.

khair, it may be for the best.
I'll see, maybe I can work something out, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to know. I'm really busy with my school work and the deadline for MF is coming up too.