Friday, April 04, 2008

NoBeatsNecessary -- Open Your Eyes

From Takbir Productions, comes NBN (NoBeatsNecessary) and their album (Open Your Eyes) is finally out!

I've already posted their first nasheed video called, "How Can You Deny" and here's another one called, "I'm Your Sinful Slave".



You have to read the note that they have on their website. No other site has anything like this, SubhanAllah. Just when you think this Ummah is losing its self to the Fitnas of dunya, Allah (swt) sends some hope.

Read it here

I've already ordered the CD and I cannot wait to get it (InshaAllah)! It's $18.00 AUD (Australian) with shipping and all that (to Canada), it's $23.00 AUD but when it's converted to Canadian it's only $21 (and something cents). Everyone should support these brothers (and whoever worked with them) and May Allah (swt) accept their efforts, keep them on the straight path and raise them amongst those that He (swt) loves and favours. Ameen

So here's the video,


Anonymous said...


They should totally put this up on Itunes...I'd totally buy this track.

Anonymous said...

It is on I tunes.