Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Love For Allah

A Saudi man reads the Koran during the Muslim month of Ramadan in downtown Riyadh September 7, 2008. REUTERS/Fahad Shadeed (SAUDI ARABIA)

‘Love For Allah” By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (translated by Brigadier Ashfaq Ashraf)

is an

amazing book that I recommend everyone read. This book is one of the best

books I’ve read. SubhanAllah, the effects of it can be felt deep inside where it starts (or adds to what was) a flame of great love for Allah (swt). Sadly, for many of us, this flame is on the edge of burning out. I can say for sure that this book can fuel that spark and make it burn inside with great passion. I seriously can’t think of the right words that could do justice to it. You need to read it to experience it. It makes your heart yearn to be closer to Allah (swt), it wakes you from the darkness and leaves your heart filled with awe and love for Him (swt).

I was thinking of sharing something from it, but I just can’t make up mind! I want to share everything but then I’d have to type out the whole book! So inshaAllah, every once in a while I’ll type us a little

something from it. So for now, I thought since it’s Ramadhan and we all read Tarawih, many of us read

a few du’as or praises in between the rakats, and here’s a story behind one of them that was in this book.

A Story About Prophet Ibrahim (a.s)

Once, when Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) was grazing his flock of sheep, a man passed by loudly reciting the following words in praise of Allah (swt):

Suhana dhil mulki wal malakoot , subhana dhil I’zaati wal a’dhmati wal haybati wal quoodrati wal kibriyaee wal jabaroot.

Glorified is the Master of the earthly and heavenly kingdoms. Glorified is the Honored One, the Exalted One, the Venerated One, the Powerful One, the Magnificent One, and the Omnipotent One.

When Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) heard his Beloved (swt) praised with such beautiful words, his heart leaped in exultation. He requested the man to kindly recite the words one more time. The man asked what he would give him in return. Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) replied that he would give half of his flock of sheep. The man complied and repeated the words. Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) was so captivated by these beautiful words that he asked him to repeat the words again. The man asked what he would be given in exchange this time. Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) replied that he would give the remaining half of the flock. The man complied and repeated the words for a third time. Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) was so overcome with ecstasy by these words the he once again implored the man to repeat his words. The man responded, “You have nothing left. Now what will you give me?” Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) replied, “O brother, I will tend your sheep forever if you recite these praises of my Beloved (swt) one more time.” The man then said, “Ibrahim Khalilullah [friend of Allah]. I bring you glad tidings. I am an angel sent by Allah (swt), who told me, “Go and take My name before My Khalil and see how much he values it.”


Page 34


Visually impaired Palestinian students read verses of the Quran, Islam's holiest book, written in Braille, during the holy fasting month of Ramadan at Al-Qabas Islamic school in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008. The Islamic school is funded by local donations, that usually increase during the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.

(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)


muskaan said...

Mashallah nice story!! Jazakallah for sharing tis info wit us!! i will surely try to read tis buk!!
Ramadan kareem!! May Allah bestow his Mercy upon us and guide us to the right path Ameen..... do remember the whole Muslim umah in ur prayers...
Tehmina Juhi Khuddose...

sumaiya said...

As salamu alaykum
wa eeyakum, and ameen to the du'a, you remember me in your du'as also!

Zainab B. (4m JAS) said...

hey u...ma'assalaam...i bought dat kitaab @ the Youth Tarbiyah n really regreted leavin' it @ JAS for Ramadhaan...inshaAllah when i get back...buh JazaakAllah for boostin' my spirit into readin' it....ma'assalaam....duaa mein yaad...

sumaiya said...

wa eeyakum! Make sure you remember me in your du'as also.