Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm Moving!

Okay I know it's been very long since I've posted, but with so many things going on right now I just hardly feel like sitting down and updating, or you can just call it being lazy to update. I would think of random posts to write since the last real post but I could never get down to it. Then today after I decided that I must post, I thought I should put all the thoughts (I actually forgot many of them so just some of them) into points and post in 1 BIG (or medium) blog post!

So here they are, all the updates and random thoughts:

  • It's FALL!!!! Oh the horror! I still remember seeing the first brown leaf on our drive way and I pointed at it in distress to my husband, crying (not literally!) about summer ending. Now I'll have to embrace the wind chills and piles of snow, and not just any winter, I'm going to have to get ready for Regina, Saskatchewan's winter! Yup, you just read Regina, and that's were I'm moving too.
  • So I guess that's the second point. I'm moving out of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) were I was born, raised, and married to the other side (the western side) of Canada, aka the Prairies. I would have never thought I'd be moving there someday...but here I am packing away all my things and planning our move to Regina inshaAllah, in 2 weeks. My husband got an offer to be the Imam at the Masjid in Regina and he took it after we went to see it, talked about it with our families and finally doing istikharah. So lot's of du'as needed! We'll be moving on Nov., 16 inshaAllah. It's exciting and sad at the same time, and sometimes one of them is more then the other...I'm pretty sure you can guess which one, please remember us in your du'as!
  • The conservatives are in Parliament again. yippy! (in a very sarcastic tone) The liberals are a disgrace, and I never liked Dion from the start. They seriously need to step up and to go over what it means to be Liberal and not the babbling group of opposition in Parliament. Someone like Trudeau is needed to be the head of the Liberals.
  • I wonder (as does the rest of the world, since it effects us all) who will be the head in the white house...
  • Tina Fey is just too good, and I just don't like Palin, she's the wrong chess move that McCain made. So far that move isn't helping him, I guess we'll see for sure tomorrow.
  • I played Nintendo Wii yesterday at my sis-in-law's with my husband. All I can say is, it's too much fun! :D
  • Man, the GTA is becoming so dangerous now. From shootings and stabbings to all the schools (including the elementary schools that I went too) in my hometown going in lock down just a while ago. It's crazy! May Allah (swt) protect us from all harms and evils around us! I mean just a few years ago, you would hardly hear about murders and gun violence on the news. Unfortunately now, it's an everyday thing. It's all to do with the drugs, the guns (coming from the border...), the weak justice system and the weak education system here.
  • I just stopped teaching at Lote Tree on Thursday and we had a little party with my class. Oh, I'm really going to miss them all, teaching them was definitely a pleasure, alhamdulillah. They were really good kids mashaAllah.
  • My poor ipod stopped working, I don't know why, but I miss playing it while I'm in the kitchen. It was the first most expensive thing I bought with my own money about 3 yrs ago. It works when I connect it to the computer but otherwise it just doesn't work! :(

So now I'm running out of things to write, so I'll just stop here. I'll update again, at least once or twice before I leave InshaAllah.

A small bunch of flowers that one of my students gave me last week.


Anonymous said...

asalaamwalaikum , i love it when u post:) i wish u all the best when u move may Allah make it easy for u and ur husband inshAllah ameen.. luvya sumaiya.. u have to post when ur gone MORE often soo we are updated abt u keep in touch .. and dua ma kaas yaad luv ,salma

Anonymous said...

Your background soundtrack scared me! Added plus to moving- we'll be closer neighbours! -khansa

Anonymous said...

Sumaiya, its me saaima i have 1 question, did u make that vote for the winter? thats all, Saaima

ps. keep posting

Zainab Beelut said...

aww is that saaima as in ur sis??...i miss u both...Everything happens for a reason...u taught me that...May Allahu Subhaanahu wa ta'ala make everyhting easy for u in this world and the one after! Aameen...I'm always lookin' 4ward 2 ur posts so keep them coming...(n Shireen's as well)'assalaam...

sumaiya said...

salma- I know I hardly ever post, but its readers like you guys and a whole bunch of others that never comment (ahem ahem, you know who you are) that keep me posting.

Khansa- How are you!?!? When's the big day?! Yeah, I'll be like 10 hours away from you! Maybe in the summer we can meet up in calgary or something. My hubby was saying of going to Edmonton one day inshaAllah, it would be so good to see you! You know the background nasheed also scared me yesterday because I forgot I had put it on.

Saaima- Yeah I made the poll, thought I'd try something new, but not so many people are voting...oh well.

Zaineb- Yup that's Saaima, my little sis. I'm always telling shirin to post, but she just never does, I'll have to tell her she has fans. Man, I miss u too!

Ameen to the du'as

muskaan said...

as-salam-alaikum sis!! hw r u?? Mashallah tats gud!! ur husband is an Imam!Mashallah! so hw is Regina??
May Allah always shower his Mercy upon ur Family and keep u happy always no matter where u r...Ameen!

muskaan said...
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muskaan said...

well....let me introduce myself as we r still strangers!

my name is tehmina juhi frndz call me muskaan.brn in India but brought up in Saudi Arabia Alhumdulillah! em doing wit computer application(II year)in Saudi..

morningdew said...

salaams. Hope you are adjusting well in Regina. My husband is also originally from there, and his family moved there in the 60s. they aren't living there anymore, but we still get updates from the community. They have a good president now, so inshallah everything is going well. best wishes.

sumaiya said...

wa alaykum salam

Muskaan- JazakaAllah for posting, and Ameen to the du'as pls continue to make them. Regina's great alhamdulillah, we're just settling in now and meeting new people. There are actually quite a few who are from Saudi, especially students who study at the University of Regina.

Morningdew- Alhamdulillah we are adjusting well, it'll take a while since we're used to living in TO. It's a very nice community though, very helpful mashaAllah.

Anonymous said...

keep postin...ur blog is the one i like to read the'asalam