Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our New Home!

So here are some more pics of our home now that it's all done. I'll just post the pics and then I'll post a long post sharing more about regina soon inshaAllah.


Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

1. ah! i just noticed the cheesecake said Eid Mubarak! mashaAllah haha
2. dont worry about emptyness, we've been living here since may and areas are still empty!
3. your kitchen is so cuuute mashaAllah and i think you own every shan masala variety made lol
4. i have the same spice rack you have next to the stove, and mines in the exact same spot =)
5. dont worry, my husband has more cereal boxes than that and none are mine! haha
6. mashaAllah i LOVE your painting! probably my favorite! i've been looking for a calligraphy piece with the same ayah but no luck yet =(
7. the study looks amazing mashaAllah. i feel cozy and ready to grab some books just looking at it.
8. your bedroom's not boring! its simple, and simple is good =)

Hope you're enjoying Regina!

<3 Lazeena

sumaiya said...

1. Yeah it was my hubby's idea
2. mine will probably stay the same as well lol not all mind you, there's probably 6 and i have 2-3 of each since we don't really get all of them here, so i had to stock up
4.hehe,did u get it from wal-mart?
5.I don't really like cereals but this one itself was an exception's my favourite thing as well
7. it is very cozy, our favourite room in the home, alhamdulillah

I am enjoying it, well actually getting used it now, alhamdulillah :)

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

i got mine from target, but i dont think you guys have target up there..
wish we could visit =( we're trying to arrange a reunion at sr.sawdahs during the summer!

Noshi said...

This is beautiful! mashaAllah.

Anonymous said...

can i check on ur blog in panama - saaima

morningdew11 said...

beautiful, MA!!! where did you get the framed artwork from, or who is the artist?? I'm looking for a few nice pieces for our walls...

Radiant Light said...


honey atleast you're still in the same country I'm moving to Jordan! Alhumdulillah though, Shaam is blessed :-)

Feel free to visit.


Anonymous said...


sumaiya said...

Radiant- your moving to shaam?! Wow that sounds exciting. Since i'm replying so late, your probably already there. Well, remember me in your du'as.

morningdew- it's actually one of my paintings, glad u like it.