Monday, March 23, 2009

Path to Piety April 2009

Every time I see links and emails regarding the events being held in the GTA it makes me really miss home! Path to Piety brings back a lot of good memories and that conference just blew my mind away last year mashaAllah. Unfortunately, I remember the days leading up to the conference with not having high hopes for it, but SubhanAllah it had in every way exceeded everything including all hopes and expectations. MashaAllah.

I had learned so much especially at the workshop, I still have my notes and look through them often. Shaykh Hussain's workshop really changed great aspects in my life since then, Alhamdulillah. So there really is something to look forward too. Take advantage with what you have and are getting oh people of the GTA! I really wish I could be there for it this year, looks very promising but alas, I won't be able to.

So go for it! I mean it’s a great blessing to have such notable scholars close to you for 3 days just teaching Ilm. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain closeness to Allah (swt), to earn His pleasure and bank in on some rewards inshaAllah. To everyone going, please remember me in your du’as while you’re there, also remind my sister to give me a text message so I can call her and listen in to bits of the talks inshaAllah.

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