Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gift of Life

Gift of Life
sung by Talib al-Habib

(My favourite nasheed artist. Why? It's probably because his nasheeds increase my love for Allah (swt) and His Rasul (s.a.w) everytime I listen to them. May Allah (swt) make him amongst those who will drink the water of Kawthr by the mubarak hands of Sayyidinah Rasulullah (s.a.w). Ameen)

Track info

A song originally written by Nazima Cassim, it was transformed into a song in honour of one's teacher - in generic terms referring to anyone from whom one takes knowledge of God and His religion, but specifically the realised spiritual teacher who guides one along the path to Allah. The 'gift of life' refers to the awakening and deepening of faith, understanding, spiritual certainty and love that occurs in the transformative presence of one of the enlightened inheritors of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him and his family). It was written in tacit acknowledgement of the fact that traditional Islam has been transmitted not by books, but by teachers in every generation who have learnt, mastered and adopted the wisdom before passing it on to others. It is dedicated specifically to Talib and Nazima's shaykh, Hazrat Ghulam Muhyi ad-Din Kazi al-Habibi.

Gift of Life

Allahuma ’rzuqna murafaqat al-auliya Wa’j`al lana waliyyan murshida

I’m calling out your name
Oh hear me, guiding friend

Life was so deluding
In darkness I was drowning
There came a light so bright
Illuminated life.

Since first I saw your beauty
Your serenity and mercy
My heart has overflowed
With thanks to Allah

For all the love you gave me
And the wisdom that you taught me
And the kindness in your eyes
Gift of life

Allahuma’r’zuqna murafaqat al-auliya Wa’j`al lana waliyyan murshida
You gave me the gift of life
The yearning for paradise
The secret of how to love Allah

My heart in deepest wonder
Unfolds a mystery

The secret of existence
A life of love and giving
To strive and sacrifice
To guide the lost to light

Like the moonlight on the water
Like the sun of the mid-morning
Like the star-strewn field of heaven
You shine and guide

Like a mirror-glass, reflecting
In your soul shines the perfection
Of the chosen and beloved

Allahuma’rzuq-na murafaqat al-auliya Wa’j`al lana waliyyan murshida Waffiq-na wa’hdina tariqat al-muqaddasa Tahdi ila jannatin wa rida’ik.

You gave me the gift of life
The yearning for paradise
The secret of how to love Allah
And my heart soars in gratitude
And prayer that Allah give to you
The shelter of his mercy and his peace.

Gift of Life.


Nur al-Habib Productions

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