Friday, March 31, 2006

Jummah Mubarak

Beloved Nabi

Talib al-Habib

Salla Allahu `ala Ta Ha Allahuma salli `ala nabiyyina habibina

Beloved Nabi, my heart yearns to see
The laughter that dances in your eyes.
Heavy lay the burden of my grief
Until you came and gave me strength again
Beloved Nabi

Silently, the thought of you appears
Your love is like the touch of spring to me
And joyfully, my blossom-soul awakes
To remembrance that brings tranquillity
Beloved Nabi

Cord of moonlight, sunlight entwined
Cord of love, our lovesbond eternal.
Fire of yearning, light of hope
Cord of faith that binds me to you.

Light of my eyes, fragrance of my soul
I send my love on angel wings to you
Hear its cry, borne upon the wind
Calling you to lead me through the night
Beloved Nabi

So fear not, my heart, at times when you feel
Sorrowful and lonely in the cold
Soothe your pain, for through his love you’ll find
The solace and the comfort that you seek
Beloved Nabi.

Oh Allah! Send your blessings upon
Our Master Muhammad, our guide, our beloved
In every heartbeat, in every breath and sigh
Every teardrop shed
By those who yearn for the light of his beauty
Who pass days and nights seeking his company
From creation’s dawn, every moment, every hour
Until the rising of the Last Day will come

Beloved Nabi, how long will it be
Until I see the sunrise in your eyes?

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