Monday, March 13, 2006

Strange... But True

Potty Mouth Punishment

Long gone are the days of making a foul-mouthed child hold a bar of soap in their mouth as punishment.

Sixteen-year-old Jamal Wooten of Portage, Indiana was suspended from school for his filthy language, but his parents didn’t think that was harsh enough so they made him stand on a street corner wearing a sign to tell the world about his potty mouth.

People who saw the teen offered him words of encouragement and passing police officers even stopped to give him some hot chocolate. And after standing on the corner for several hours, Jamal said he finally learned his lesson.

It’s a good thing a passing motorist didn’t hurl insults at the boy. If he couldn’t use foul language he may have retorted with a strategically positioned middle finger.

Return To Sender?

This dealer apparently doesn’t like making his deliveries in person.

Steven Coburn was busted by California cops for allegedly mailing half of a pound of marijuana. So how did authorities manage to catch him? He put his return address on the package.

But even more short sighted was the fact that the Mill Valley man actually forgot to put the recipient’s address on the front of the parcel, police said.

In accordance with procedure, employees of the private shipping company the package was being sent through opened up the parcel to see if the label had been accidentally sealed on the inside.

When the workers spotted the weed they called the cops.

Sounds like this guy did
a product quality test before allegedly shipping out the goods.

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sportymuslimah said...


sorry for the late reply, I have been extremely busy with uni and stuff!

yeah, that movie is simply amazing, you should really watch, you will find it shocking into what really happened at Guantanamo

take care, walaikumsalam

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. remember what i told you about words and how they empower you..