Friday, July 28, 2006

Do we put ourselves in denial of who we are and why we’re here, in this dunya? We blind ourselves and convince ourselves to hold on to this materialistic world. In we fall deeper and deeper in this dream. Trying to live every detail of this momentary life. Sins above sins are committed and still we induce ourselves that we’ll be all right. We leave the Sunnah because “it’s only a Sunnah”. It is only our words, and no more our actions. The way of life dissolves in front of our very eyes. It leaves us slowly and painfully, but we have numbed the body, mind and soul. No more do we feel, speak, hear or see, the truth, the way and the reality. Sincerity and steadfastness leaves us in our Ibadah, are we really worthy of Allah (swt)’s Mercy and Forgiveness? I sure hope we are, for my soul abates with the sins of everyday life.

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