Sunday, August 06, 2006

My paintings for MuslimFest

On August 12, two events are taking place, the BBQ at Bowmanville's Darul Uloom and MuslimFest. I would just love to go visit Bowmanville again, but I have to be at MuslimFest, obviously because of my paintings.

"What paintings?" you ask.

Well I paint. I have not mentioned that before, have I?

However let me assure you all that I'm no professional, but just an amateur (well below an amateur actually). Anyways, if anyone is coming to MuslimFest, be sure to check out my stuff. I've tried to put some sort of meaning in each painting relating to the Rasul (s.a.w). Especially since this year they have a theme and it's "Inspired by the Prophet (s.a.w)".

Try to figure them out. You can also click on them to see the larger image. And criticism is most welcome.

The Seal

(I actually stuck on real stones/pebbles from Mount Uhud, in Madinah al-Munawarra.)

In White


Love of Rasulullah (s.a.w)

(There were many failed attempts to steal this one...)





Ammara said...

mashallah sumaiya i saw ur paintings they are awesum ..

Ahmed said...

Mashallah a lot of the paintings are really nice. Keep up the good work!