Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Beautiful Death

Prostrating in the dark, in front of her Lord, she praises Him with words so pure. Tears streak down like pearls on silk, she cries to her Lord for forgiveness. Merciful and Forgiving He is, but she still fears His disappointment, anger and wrath.

Her pearly tears roll down her cheeks as they cleanse her soul. With her forehead on the ground, and her breathing calm, she absorbs the humility that perfumes her soul. The Divine words that pour out of her lips and heart illumine her body and mind.

As she gets up and goes into her second prostration, the darkness is no more, but only light. The Earth, the Divine Book, and every cell in her body testify to be her witness as she is in her last prostration. Her heart yearns to see her Lord and His Beloved as it pumps the last few pumps. Then with her breathing still calm, she smiles and testifies as her heart takes the last permission from its Creator, to beat one last time.


Anonymous said...

May He grant us all a death similar to this.

I just saw the three other pictures of Amira today, funny they didn't come up for me before.


sumaiya said...

Ameen Ameen..

Your internet is working just fine, I just posted the pics yesterday.