Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our New Pony

Yes we did have a pony before, but my dad sold it because that one had an attitude problem. He was kind of grumpy and he hated the sheep. Oh and it almost kicked my youngest sister to what could possibly been her grave.

Yeah so, this new pony is a female, very shy and pregnant that means we can't ride her. She's expecting in October, I was told and I cannot imagine what my parents will do then.

My mum named her Princess and so we call her Amira. InshaAllah this Sunday I'll finally get to see her. I'm not excited at all, it's just a pony, but knowing that's she's pregnant makes me want to see her. Ah maybe it's a "female" thing. Now if my dad bought a horse, I'd be super excited and InshaAllah he will get one or two this summer, along with a donkey (donkeys supposedly keep the sheep safe from other wild animals).

Anyways, this post is out of no where so that makes it a random post and therefore it qualifies for being on this blog, which no one hardly reads (so all is good).

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on this blog that my parents have a farm, well now you all know. My parents own a slaughterhouse (no they don’t slaughter the ponies, donkeys, horses, cats and the 2 month-old guard dog)

The link is somewhere on the links section of my blog. It’s Sanabil Halal Meat Farm.

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