Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pieces from "Only Fools & Fools (Beautiful Stories about Fools)" by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

The following stories are taken from one of my favourite books, "Only Fools & Fools (Beautiful Stories about Fools)" by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

It's a brief summary of the work "Akhbarul Hamqa Wal MogFleen" written by Ibn-ul Jawzi Hafiz Jamal ud-Din Abdul-Rahman.


A storyteller informed the people, “Oh people, the Satan doesn’t eat the food and drink on which you have recited the name of Allah. So when you eat do not recite Bismillah, that way Satan will eat with you. Instead you should recite Bismillah when you drink water.” He assumed the failure of the Satan to share water with the person who recites Bismillah will cause the Satan to die of thirst.


A Bedouin in his prayer was saying “Oh Allah forgive only me”. Someone asked, why don’t you pray, “Oh Allah forgive us all?” He replied, "I do not want to burden my Lord too much.”

Page 17

A Bedouin called Mujrim (criminal/sinner) came and stood in the first saaf behind the Imam who was reciting Surah Mursalaat in salah. When the Imam recited the verse, “Did we not destroy the first” the Bedouin went into the last saaf. The Imaam then recited, “Then we shall destroy the later ones.” The Bedouin then moves on and joined the middle saaf. Finally, the Imam recited, “This is how We deal with the mujrims (sinners/criminal)”. The Bedouin left the salaat thinking the Imam was after him.

Page 14


Anonymous said...

assalamualykum.gr8 blog,mashaAllah,i was wondering if the sentence in your post is a mistake or soemthing--
So when you eat do not recite Bismillah, that way Satan will eat with you....just wondering..jazakAllah,assalamoalykum

sumaiya said...

wa alaykum salam,
The story teller was a fool (as we would say today, he didn't really have common sense)

He did say to NOT recite Bismillah on the food so shaitan CAN eat it, and then he says to recite bismillah on the water, that way shitan WON'T be able to drink the water and therefore KILLING him because of THIRST.


That doesn't happen for real of course, but this foolish storyteller thought it was the best way to kill shaitan.

Similarly the rest of the stories are about real life fools that lived hundreds of years ago. Mostly Bedouins, because well...some of them sort of lacked common knowledge/sense.

Does that clear it up?
Oh and I'm glad you like the blog! Keep visiting and commenting, :)

Anonymous said...

Remeber Azhar Usman?
"Fold the musallah or Shaitan will pay on it!"
And he's like, Dude, isn't Shaitan the one brother who really needs to pray?!
Cute stuff.

Anonymous said...

*pray not pay. Sorry!

sumaiya said...

lol yeah I remember that one

Anonymous said...

i laughed at those. especialy the one about 'i dont want to burden my Lord'

Anonymous said...

nice MashaAllah