Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's Destiny

Just a few months ago, I thought about the remaining year, trying to imagine where I might be. And I couldn’t come up with much. I thought, “It’ll probably be same ol same. I might get married…nah that might not happen either since I need a guy to get married too…yup it’ll be same ol same for me.”

But I was wrong (no I’m not getting married) …I am going to go to a place where I thought only a miracle from Allah (swt) could take me. InshaAllah I’ll be going to the newly opened Islamic institute called Jamiah Aishah Siddiqah, run by Shaikh Nazim Mangera. I heard so many amazing things about it, that I'm confidant that it'll be the "bestest" girl Maderasa in the whole wide world. :) InshaAlla, InshaAllah, InshaAllah.

It’s been a while since I was learning in an Islamic environment/institute, and since then I’ve been feeling a deep void in my heart. A void so deep and painful that it has been making my Iman weaker. Now that Allah (swt) has opened this door of Ilm for me, I cannot let it pass without trying to get in. And that’s what I’ve done, no actually that’s bc Allah (swt) helped me through.

I know this new part of my life will help me in my journey in this world and for the Hereafter inshaAllah.

So all I ask in this post from you (very few regular readers), is that you remember me in your du’as (bc I neeeeed them) and you keep visiting my blog while I’m gone. Why? Well because my younger sister is going to take over until I come back for Ramadhan (inshaAllah).

Hmm maybe that’s a bad idea. Well we’ll just have to see…muahahaha


N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

lol Inshallah. May Allah Increase you in Imaan and taqwa and increase you in 'ilm and may that be a means of Allah's pleasure and a path for you to the love of Allah and Rasulullah (s)..Ameen

The ink of 'ilm is more precious than the blood of a shaheed - tirmidhi

You're so lucky mashallah.. i hope it's of great benefit to you.. I know exactly how you feel. Inshallah I've wanted to study in Yemen, but certain things and people have kept me from persuing this dream so I may study in the UK or South Africa.. I'm not so fond of SA though. Khair Inshallah.

Islamic 'Ilm is like no other.. it's like an addiction and i've been hooked. Alhumdulillah. Inshallah good Qadr (luck). Looking foward to your sisters posts then :P :D

sumaiya said...

Ameen to the du'a.

Oh I've been to UK, but only for my first yr...then my dad called me back. And I think this Madresa is going to be much better, not just facility, but also the curriculum is much better...

Also, JazakAllahu Khair for coming on my blog so often and commenting. I've been on yours too, but didn't comment (bc I kept putting it off till later)...sorry about that. :)

Well take care then, I gotta get back to this craaazy packing. :)

aMystery (islamica)
76:5-22 (sunniforum)

N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

it's been my pleasure :D I really enjoy your blog mashallah... and don't worry about commenting on mine, it's all cool.. whenever you get the chance inshallah. Yeh, I knew who you were from Islamica... I'm a ninja formation like you :P Alhumdulilllah. Waiyakum. INshallah, I hope all goes well and have fun packing :P (nothing fun about it actually lol)

you take care too... ma'salama