Monday, August 21, 2006

New Blogger

As Salaamu Alaikum

I hope your all fine and in the best of health and Imaan InshaAllah.

I'm just and addition to the blog...basically I'm of earth's sis taking over for her while she's away and I'm very new to blogs as I've never had one and I'm just used to reading hopefully I don't mess her's up...or what a surprise that would be for her when she comes back eh haha.

Right well, I would've started sooner but ah well lol...hopefully those "very few readers" haven't deserted the blog.

Anyhow, as my sister already mentioned that she was going to JAS in her last post, I guess it would make sense just to continue on from there.

So that Sunday morning was insane. We were all running around trying to get the previous night's shopping in order for them (of earth, and my baby sister). We basically tried to sort everything out and stuffed them in bags, and then threw those bags in huge black garbage bags only because we had no suitcases at home and the ones we did have were at the farm. But oh well, it's not as if they were going to the airport and the extra thousand pounds of things they were carrying were going to be taken it's all good.

My aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents all came over to say goodbye and all that mushy stuff. A while later at about 1 pm we got in the car and everyone's just saying goodbye...and I'm waving back at them...and then I stop cause I remember how I'm not going anywhere. It was weird lol...I guess it was one them "in the moment" things where you just go about doing something and then realize you have absolutely no need to do it...err..right.

The drive there was quite longer than I had actually expected. It took us around an hour to get there (and I'm not including the time spent to turn back since we took a route on a closed highway...). When we got there our friend had already saved them a room. We took a look at it and liked it. So we hauled alllll the bags into the building. We also met Maulana Nazim..who thought we brought our whole house with us lol. And it seriously did look like that. I looked at all the bags once more and thought to myself, "what on earth did we pack in them?" :|

While they were still settling down, we prayed and ate. Then we walked around and talked for a bit. After Maghrib we took a walk outside and saw all the buildings there. It was getting pretty late so we decided to leave...and...yup all that mushy stuff came up. It was over real quick though. Was just kind of like a "okay then, take care, be good.....*sniff*.....ahem, make sure you two call home, and eat your food, and study...." Right know...kinda awkward.

It was so weird for me and my little sis to get back into the car. It never really clicked that my sisters wouldnt be coming home until Ramadhan until we got in the car. I know it's not a long time, but it's still weird. The whole hour drive home was quiet with the exception of my parents talking now and then. We got home, prayed Isha, then just went to sleep.

It's so quiet in the house now, with only my little sister and I..only when we're not arguing ofcourse. But even then...

Hm, now with of earth gone...guess who's got to take over the cooking? Yup, yours I made pasta today and my little sister and I are still alive so it's all good Alhamdulillah. I shall be cooking more often now I suppose...wait...I have to...blah. If any of you have any good recipes or anything, feel free to tell me. With no one home I could continue with my experiments in the kitchen muahaha...*cough*...right.

*sigh* I realllllllllllly wanted to go to JAS as well. Ever since I heard they were opening it I wanted to go. However, I'm basically not allowed to. Sometimes I think and even say so many times that it's unfair. But Allah (swt) has something planned out for each of us. And if it's not written in my Taqdeer (destiny) then it's not. He has something else planned for me InshaAllah, and that's what'll happen. Patience is the key...if I don't get this, then InshaAllah I'll get something better...if not now, then later. SubhanAllah.

Alright, well some of the following pics are from the JAS website. And the other pics were taken by me.

So until another day I post,
As salaamu alaikum :)



N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

assalamu alaikum..

nice to "meet" you 'of earth' 's sister :P. Mashallah.

Inshallah I hope all goes well with her and Inshallah May Allah bless you with something greater and increase you and your family in sabr. Ameen

I'm a regular reader so inshallah u'll be seeing me around ;).
school looks really nice btw. Alhumdulillah


believeress said...

Wa alaikumu salaam,

Nice to meet you as well :p hehe
And Ameen to the dua

A regular reader, that's good lol. Now I know someone's actually reading the posts. :p

Yeah, the place is awesome. It looks even better when your there.

tc InshaAllah