Sunday, August 27, 2006


As salaamu alaikum

So today I was signing onto my msn when that "MSN Today" window pops up. I never usually look at it, but just quickly skimmed through the 'headlines'. I clicked onto some headache remedy thing which was pretty cool and I was gonna end up posting that cause seriously, it was interesting. But then I scrolled down and I saw links after links of other interesting articles. So naturally I sort of went on reading them until I came to this one. It was about meditation. As I was starting to read the article, I realize there's an audio on about the whole meditation I started listening to it.

It was basically going to give me a five minute meditation session. So I was all "Hmm, lemme try...must be cool". So I'm listening to audio and trying to follow along. Not even 2 minutes pass before I burst out laughing. And trust me, I was doing that throughout the whole thing! I have no idea what was making me laugh but it was just way too funny doing that. I'm not so used to the whole meditation thing...suppose that's why lol.

Anyhow, I started the audio from the beginning determined to listen to it this time. And I actually pulled through.........well almost lol. It was funny and I fully stopped when the lady in the audio was like "If your having some difficulty deepening your breath or allowing your abdomen to move with your breath, call me, I'll coach you over the phone, it's very simple." ...and I'm all confused like huh? what?! And then I got scared for a second...but decided to brave and go on with the rest.

When it came down to part of inhaling the word "mind", and exhaling the word "one" I tried the exercise of pas anfas by inhaling the word "Allah" and exhaling the syllable "Hu"...this was from the book "The Path To Perfection" under the title "The exercise of Pas Anfas"

I didn't last the whole twenty mintues at the end (you'll know what I mean when you listen to the audio :p) instead, about 15 seconds later I stopped and started posting this as a blog entry..teehehe.

Right well, just try it and tell me how it goes. Might be relaxing once you get used to it I suppose. I was actually thinking of trying that out every morning after Fajr...but who knows eh lol.

If you want something more then offer Nafl Salaah. This is where you actually feel like your in complete solitude and have a piece of mind and relaxation

Okay, before I forget to post the link, here it is and enjoy :p



N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

i'm laughing too... I perfer my type of meditation - dhikrAllah

hahaha.. i can't listen anymore... im gonna fall asleep or die of laughter lol

believeress said...

Good I'm not the only one then lol :p

seekerofwisdom said...

try for a better MSN today...