Thursday, November 23, 2006

Baby born with heart outside his chest

Baby born with heart outside his chest

Doctors released a photo of Naseem's heart at birth.
AP Photo/Holtz Children's Hospital University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center


Niqabi said...

subhan'Allah! did he survive...i mean, how is he now? subhan'Allah! Allah show's his miracles if he did survive!

sumaiya said...

I know eh, SubhanAllah.

Well according to the article, he's "remains in critical but stable condition"

It's crazy isn't it, who would have ever thought a child could be born with his heart outside of his lungs? SubhanAllah , May Allah (swt) heal him and grant him Shifa. Ameen.

Cynthia Rangel said...

my name is Cynthia i am 16 years old. i am in medical i go to a academy n i what to know how can they be born with there heat outside of there body? what caused it? Will if u can please email me back at wut to know everything.

Cynthia Rangel

Danish Haq said...


I hope he gets better

allah inko teck kahro