Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kalimatan - The Seal of al-Bukhari

Kalimatan - The Seal of al-Bukhari
--Talib al-Habib

Kalimatan habibatan ila ar-Rahman
Khafifatan `ala al-lisan, thaqilatan fi al-mizan
Subhanallahi wa bi hamdih, subhanallahi al-azim

Track Info.

Kalimatan – the Seal of al-Bukhari: (Bukhari) The album ends with the short but powerful hadith that Imam al-Bukhari chose to end his great work Sahih al-Bukhari. It is narrated here in full, and the translation is as follows: ‘there are two phrases which are beloved of the Most Merciful, light on the tongue, yet heavy on the scales (of reward): glory be to Allah and all praise to Him, glory be to Allah, the Mighty.’


Ahmed said...

Mashallah wat a beautiful nasheed. The nasheed is really good but the meaning of it is even better.

brotherhood said...


is there any way i could have a copy of that track? jazakallah

Anonymous said...

I notice that there is no link to JAS under Links :)

sumaiya said...

Alhamdulillah, I'm glad to see people are liking the nasheed, it truly is beautiful.

Here's the site if anyone wants to buy,, it's also linked under my "Links" section.

anonymous- Hmm I thought I had already posted it up, khair, I shall do it now inshaAllah. :)

sumaiya said...

I updated my "Links" section ;)
and I also updated the "Blogs I Read" section. I also added a link to my audio xanga, which has a few anasheeds, Qur'an, and a lecture or two.