Thursday, April 05, 2007

As salaamu alaikum

What is this Light
By: Brother Blerim Ibn Azem
22. 11. 2006

Day and night, there is something bright,
Always from somewhere there shines some light.
The sun and the moon, the stars high in the night,
So what is really, the Source of this Light?!

A beautiful morning, after your long sleep,
Through your window darkness, vanished into the deep.
This day is so warm, and the sun is so bright,
From where and how, is really coming this Light?!

I open my Qur’an and read surah TwentyFour,
There it really says: “Noor ala Noor”!
Ya Allah, o Owner of Glory and Might,
From You oh my Lord, is coming this Light!

My heart starts running faster as I think of You,
So High and of all Above, all Praise belongs to You.
That You gave us Islam, is a Mercy provided,
Through Your Rasool Your Book, which will keep us guided.

All the good things, to Your Mercy are due,
Give us Your guidance, that we may please You.
My heart finally found rest, as I acknowledged Your Might,
So from You oh my Lord, is coming this Light!

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