Monday, April 09, 2007

Time Flies

Wow I had a crazy long weekend. We went to an expensive, expensive wedding that was..well lets just say, they shouldn’t have spent so much, there was no point what-so-ever.

I also went to an akikah party for 2 mashaAllah very cute girls (twins) at Islamic Foundation Masjid (nugget) and that was a whole lot better then the wedding, the food was actual food, alhamdulillah (I can still taste the delicious biryani mmmm)

Madresa’s going pretty well and boy, time sure flies when we’re buried in our books. We started another nahw book, and it’s so interesting in the sense that we’re going over the rules again, so we know what we’re doing and there’s a bit more explanation with more examples and exercises, alhamdulillah. Ml. Nazim’s plan is that we become Nahwis and Sarfis, and I don’t mind that at all. We also started Qasas un Nabiyeen, I’m really loving it. We translate everything on our own the night before class, and then translate to him and he asks us grammar rules as we read along. Then when we finished Ibrahim (a.s)’s story we had to summarize the whole story in Arabic without looking in the book. Yes. You read that correctly, in Arabic, without looking in the book, to Ml. Nazim. I was having panic attacks and I was nervous like a goat going for Zabiha, because I had never done that with Qasas before. But alhamdulillah we all did it and it was quite surprising actually, I didn’t think I could do it, surely it was a miracle of Allah (swt).

So anyways, we’re having a summer intensive program at our Madresah, and that should be really fascinating and worthwhile for any one who is thinking of coming. It’s not only stunning in the summer there, but being taught there will be an unforgettable experience, inshaAllah in a very good way.

Here’s the flyer, InshaAllah the site will be up soon. So check it out, and spread the word. Mufti Adam Koya and Ml. Nazim Mangera will be among teachers teaching…I mean seriously that’s a major reason to come.

Right then, take care all, sorry I didn’t update sooner, it’s been quite a busy holiday for me. Remember me in your du’as!

Quotes on Knowledge

Imam Zahir al-Din Hasan ibn Ali, known as al-Marghinani recited:

"The Ignorant are dead before their death while the learned live even though they are dead."

The Shaykh al-Islam Burhan al-Din recited:

"Ignorance is a death before death to those that harbor it; and their bodies are graves before the graves."



N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

I know what you mean, I've been to those OVERLY done weddings where you all you can sit and think about it how much money was wasted for an event which will only be going on for a few hours. Khair Alhumdulillah.

Subhanallah sis, you're so lucky to have this opportunity, sounds awesome masha'Allah. may Allah (swt) cause you to grasp everything you learn and cause you to implement it in your life.. Ameen <3

Lazeena said...

mashaAllah it seems like you guys are really getting a grasp on nahw now! i'm starting to wish i was back at madrasa =( i left really all because of a misunderstanding- which sucks! thats awesome with qasas though!! mashaAllah, inshaAllah you guys continue to do great! =) miss you all and love you all for the sake of Allah! i wish canada was closer, i'd come see you guys!

the summer intensive sounds cool. i hope people nearby take advantage of it! i thought there were only 2 weeks off in the summer though? or was that another false rumor going around..

Aishah said...

assalamualaykum lazeena!

how's it going dudette? we really miss you, come back :(

my sister told me you called. sorry i haven't been able to call you back. everytime i come back home i remember i should have gotten your # from layla. can you e-mail it to me, please?

come back for a visit at least. it's going to be the hotness during summer (insha-allah).