Monday, April 30, 2007

Home and Going Back Today

as salamu alaykum,

I was home this weekend, going back this morning, wrote out this blog post on Sunday but never got around to actually posting it up…sorry. :)

So at the madesa we’re surrounded by breath-taking scenery. I mean seriously, the creek areas are just amazing, SubhanAllah. There are fish in it too, along with some other wildlife, I love being outside. Going for walks outside, or riding a bike, rollerblading is so relaxing in itself, especially after classes and in free time. And you can’t do enough dhikr about the wonders of Allah (swt)’s creation outside. Spring time not only brings warm weather (I’m tired of the cold man) but it also brings new plant life and wildlife, subhanAllah just seeing everything grow shows how Allah (swt) provides for all.

You know it’s so nice to hear the different typed of birds right at fajr time outside our window. And I can see when the birds go out to look for food for their chicks especially after a rain fall they go crazy with the worms.

Ok besides nature, the classes are now getting more tough or maybe it’s just me…I don’t know exactly, but please do remember me in your du’as. Alhamdulillah I’m still there learning Arabic, still alive and sane.

Ah and I have a few good laughs to share…but I’ll save them for the next time I come home, which is in 2 weeks…

Oh we finished our Nahwa book, practically done the 2nd part of Sarf and it feels great, now all we are having are tests, every week, which pretty much sucks. And the whole house has to go the school building at 8:30am (before I could sleep if I wanted to, because I’m done high school) it’s good I guess since it means more time to study and forces me out my desire to sleep. For example this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) I woke up at 8am…how cool is that?!

I wanna sleep and it’s 3:03am :(

And for the past few weeks I can hardly sleep well, my mind is at overload these days. Pray for me, anyone’s du’as can be accepted...

But I still love madresa and my teachers (especially, May Allah (swt) raise them amongst the Ulema and those that He (swt) loves. Ameen) there’s no doubt about that. I love knowing a nahwa rule with all its examples. It feels great after spending all your time trying to understand it and memorizing it. Indeed, the fruits of labor are sweet…but sometimes no matter how hard you try, it sometimes takes a very long time to see the fruits, and sometimes you just give up in the middle even if it hurts to do so. I’m only saying it because I just went through that phase…well some weird sort of phase but I recently remembered this poem that was recited to Imam Al-Zarnuji, Burhan al-Din, 12th/13th cent. (r) and I’ve been trying hard again, Alhamdulillah, remember me in your du’as all…

Do you desire to become learned and skilled in debate
by any means except labor? There are various kinds of stupidity.
No gain of riches is possible without difficulties
which you must take upon yourself.
How, then, is it with learning?



N/ Rhythmic Explosion said...

May Allah (swt) grant you success in this life and in the hereafter Allahumma Ameen.

I know exactly what you mean. I was up around 3 am one morning sitting next to my window and the sound of the birds was just so amazing subhanallah :D

Radiant Light said...

Birds scare me ... Natures beauty no words can do justice to.

Hang in there! Insha'Allah its all worth it in the end, Shaytaan plays many a tricks, to try and deter us, remeber 1 aalim/ah is harsher upon shaytaan than 1000 aabids.

Keep up constant recitaion of tawwuz, and insha'allah u'll be aite :D

My duas are with you and all the other taalib ilm!

I get my sanad this weekend insha'Allah (2 years late but better late than never lol)

sumaiya said...

n/Rhythmic Explosion- Ameen! :)

Radiant Light- Wow you're getting your Sanad (That's a big deal, SubhanAllah) MashaAllah that's great, I'm so happy for you! :)