Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Most Virtuous Form of Remembrance & Supplication

As salaamu alaikum

Rasulullah (s) said:
"The most virtuous form of remembrance is "La ilaha illa 'Llah" (There is no deity except Allah) and the most virtuous supplication is Al-hamdulillah (All Praise be to Allah)." [Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]

Allama Tibi relates that the words La ilaha illa 'Llah have the ability to purify the heart from evil. By proclaiming La ilaha, a person renounces all deities [both tangible and intangible], and through illa 'Llah, he affirms the oneness of Allah alone. The remembrance of Allah penetrates his heart, and he is infused with the sweetness of faith.

Al-hamdulillah has been called "the most virtuous supplication" because supplication is a means of remembering Allah (dhikr) and of asking Him to fulfill one's needs. The words Al-hamdulillah contain both of these elements, since a person who praises Allah praises Him for His favours: and praising Allah for His favours is to indirectly ask Him for more of His bounty. This is essentially gratitude (shukr), regarding which Allah says, "If you are grateful, I will surely add more (favours) unto you." [Quran 14:7]

[Taken from "Provisions for the Seekers" By Shaykh Ashiq Ilahi Al-Bulandshehri, with translation and commentary by Mufti Abdur-Rahman Ibn Yusuf]

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